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Project • By Casey Brown ArchitecturePavilions

Permanent Camping 2

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean amongst the lust green paddocks of Berry, sit two tiny copper towers. Designed to provide the essential requirements for shelter – a bed, a deck, a fire place and a bathroom. The demands of living distilled to the essentials. The structure is made from recycled iron bark, sourced from an unused wharf float. It has three manual winches to lift and lower the sides of the building creating an overhang to protect against the summer sun. Entirely pre-fabricated by master craftsman, Jeffery Broadfield and the building team from Smith and Primmer in a barn on site. The building realises many dreams for the client, the architect and the craftsmen. A collaboration relishing the process of making. More

Project • By Poly ProductsArt Galleries

Family Module

For the outdoor art exhibition Beaufort ’21, Poly Products has manufactured an unique object designed by Goshka Macuga: Family Module. A group of figures shows a small family scene. The unusual dimensions, 6m high, make this an impressive appearance at the Nieuwpoort Promenade in Belgium. At first glance the object seems incredible massive and heavy but looks are deceiving: the object is in fact very light and does not have a heavy foundation. Poly Products’ XXL-3D printing technique was key in making these objects. Start small and go big: 3D printing is the solution Base of the project were 3 small clay models, each 40cm high. The challenge was to enlarge these ten times without getting incredibly heavy. A digital approach, u... More

Project • By AlumetHotels

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam

This hotel in Amsterdam is the largest Holiday Inn Express in Europa. It is located on the northern shore of the IJ-lake, is 45 meters high, consists of 2 towers, has 14 floors and 438 rooms and a magnificent view of Amsterdam. The almost 11.000m2 of cladding were anodised by Alumet in the colour AluGold03.Anodised aluminium has multiple advantages. It is very durable and corrosion resitant. Colours are UV resitant thus colourfast. Anodised aluminium retains its metal character and can easily be cleaned. It is part of the circular economy as it can be 100% recycled and therefore re-used.  More

Product • By SustonableMoodboard A

Moodboard A

Sustonable is indeed a 100% circular and truly sustainable material. It is a thin and ultra-lightweight surface made with a unique combination of quartz and recycled PET plastic as one and only binding agent. We repurpose plastic that has been thrown away into something useful and perdurable while we protect the environment, eliminating the need for natural stone by 80%. Sustonable is the evolution of the traditional composite stone surfaces and countertops into a more ecological, affordable, and recyclable alternative for any architectural and decor projects. More

NewsMaterialization • 8 Sep 2020

Interior design for Japanese skincare brand Athletia is a showcase of recycled materials by Nendo

Nendo sets out to encapsulate Athletia’s brand’s values into the interior design; a balance between movement and stillness, inner beauty, and compassion for the environment. Athletia’s flagship store opened earlier this year in Tokyo. Masaya Yoshimura The designers translated compassion for the environment into the use of recycled and biodegradable materials. The flooring is made of flaxseed oil, pine resin, and sawdust.  Masaya Yoshimura Waste from a ceramic factory makes up 43 percent of the tiles used for the counter and countertops. Terrazzo surfaces feature crushed and reused glass from Athletia’s defective glass containers. Masaya Yoshimura The completely glazed shop storefront is partial... More

Product • By Smile PlasticsBlue Dapple

Blue Dapple

Did you know Dapple’s back story is anchored in food? Being created from reclaimed chopping boards our Dapple range will appeal to anyone who’s interested in gastronomy. We think it’s an appetising pattern to consume with your eyes.   100% recycled and recycleable HDPE sheet, made from chopping boards and plastic packaging. Available in 12mm and 20mm thickness. More

Project • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsPavilions

Braak Pavilion

Die Braak is the historic heart of Stellenbosch. The word "braak" means fallow land, which, in our context, is an unsettling reference to the probable future of our planet. To avoid our planet becoming "braak", we need to significantly change the way we think about the resources available to us. The 2020 Stellenbosch Triennale theme, "Tomorrow there will be more of us", echoes this sentiment.  The pavilion is an analogy for a planet of waste, devoid of resources. It is constructed of reclaimed materials, inviting conversations on the future of our environment and the notion of waste as resource. The public is encouraged to participate in the creation of the pavilion, weaving their own strands of waste into its structure as a metaphor... More

Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasBarrisol Recycled Membrane

Barrisol Recycled Membrane

Turned towards the future, Barrisol is concerned with environment. For that, Barrisol developed a new line of products: Les Recyclés®, manufactured from old Barrisol stretch ceiling. More

Product • By Kedel LimitedRecycled Plastic V-Cladding

Recycled Plastic V-Cladding

The arrival of Kedel v-cladding sets a new standard for building and refurbishment projects. Kedel V-Cladding is manufactured from blown extruded polystyrene waste, to produce a very high-quality synthetic wood cladding, that needs never present cladding as the downmarket finish it has come to represent.Kedel’s synthetic wood v-cladding can be extruded to any length required for the job. Our standard length is 3 metres and can be produced up to 4.8 metres.Any colour is possible, and it can mimic any kind of wood. Light Oak and Mahogany come as standard, but you can specify white, Green, Dark Oak, or any colour you need (subject to quantity).This innovative product for replacement and maintenance of cladding will considerably reduce building... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsPavilions


Our response to the challenging architectural installation competition near one of the most important historic gardens “Afif Abad Garden” in Shiraz, Iran was PAUSE.PAUSE is the childish adventure feeling and inspiration that we have not experienced since so many years ago. PAUSE tries to revive the feelings that we have been ignored. Feeling of brick texture tactile; hearing the sound of our steps on the metal sheets, looking at the sky which we pass under of it every single day without any attention to it, not even trying to pause and enjoy watching it. Listening to the “water features located at the site”.PAUSE from the exterior is a cube that holds a suspended brick volume and this is adequate enough to incite the adventure and curiosity... More

Project • By V10Bars

The Secret Rooftop

Designed for Bread Etc on Nanjing Road, the project features a secret rooftop bar.A linear steel structure shades the bar, goods lift, new staircase access and maintenance access in a minimal and efficient space. The fritted glass roof and expanded metal mesh ceiling become a light installation at night.The longest bar in Shanghai is made out of recycled traditional Chinese wooden doors. More

Product • By LeendersTass


Stoking a fire for a whole evening with just a single basket of wood. This was why we developed Tass. Made from PET felt and naturally tanned leather. That becomes more beautiful as it wears through time.PET BOTTLESThe Tass is made ​​from recycled PET bottles. This has the quality and characteristics of felt, but is more durable in production.The handles are made of top quality leather and are will age beautifully. A hard plastic bottom ensures rigidity and protection, against moist soil, for example, when you go outside to collect wood.HANDMADEThe design of the Tass comes from Bart Leenders, in collaboration with leather specialist René Jacobs. Each Tass is handmade, craftsmanship down to the smallest detail.FIVE COLORSOrange, blue, black,... More


Centro S. Chiara installation and signage

The installation and the signage of “Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara”, property of Trento Municipality, have been commissioned by a tendering procedure. The project includes the exterior and interior parts of a medieval former convent, partially protected by “Sovrintendenza dei Beni architettonici” (cultural heritage committee). The “Centro Servizi”, thanks to the adjoining urban park, links different parts of the city and, together with the two theatres, attracts people of all ages and different cultures. Part of the complex, uninhabited for ages, is in a severe state of disrepair and except from a few graffiti of a modest artistic level, there are offensive and xenophobic writings on the walls, evidence not only of urban but also ci... More

Product • By Stil Novo DesignSeagull


Seagull, recycled wine barrel stave long pendant light, kitchen island lightingSeagull is a pendant ceiling light completely handcrafted using reclaimed oak staves, recycled from discarded wine barrels and reinvented into this elegant, unique light fixture. Seagull provides the perfect kitchen light solution, even over extra long kitchen islands, or oblong dining tables.Seagull's oak staves are stained in natural oak color on the outside, while the underside still shows the rich reddish color left by the wine previously held in the barrel, creating a beautiful two tones effect. The stunning redness given by the wine is enhanced when the piece is lit. More

Project • By architectenbureau cepezedRestaurants

The Green House

In 2014 cepezed was commissioned to make a modern government office from the former Knoopkazerne on the Croeselaan in Utrecht. The Central Government Real Estate Company also requested a solution for the space between the Knoopkazerne and the adjacent head office of Rabobank. Because a definitive destination for this location will be decided in fifteen years, a temporary interpretation was sought that could make the area that would otherwise remain vacant, more lively. cepezed developed a plan in which both the function and the architecture are based on circularity. The Green House accommodates a ‘circular’ restaurant concept plus meeting facilities. In accordance with the principles of circularity, the building (including the foundati... More