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Red brick

An overview of projects, products and exclusive articles about red brick

Project • By archoffice | architecture & construction officePrivate Houses

Sangdeh Villa

The architecture of Sangdeh Villa is based on the architecture of two Iranian Iwans (vaulted spaces, walled with three walls), except that due to the mountainous location of the villa and the extroverted architecture of the vernacular houses, the Iwans are located next to each other. These Iwans are two frames so that residents can view nature’s picturesque images from different angles. To make a distinction between adjacent Iwans, and to orient spaces to the surrounding landscapes, the western Iwan has a 45-degree angle to the main Iwan. the space behind the main Iwan includes the Family room and the space behind the smaller Iwan, includes bedrooms as a memory of Birouni (Semi-public part) and Andarouni (Private part) in Iranian arc... More

Product • By General ShaleMoncure, NC Commercial Brick

Moncure, NC Commercial Brick

General Shale's Moncure, North Carolina brick products feature unique texture and character. More

Project • By General ShaleBanks

Stockman Bank

This stunning building by Cushing Terrell features a unique, sweeping arc perhaps fitting for the wide open spaces of Montana. These designers selected a traditional red - Colonial Grain from General Shale's Architectural Classics line (manufactured in Denver) and an accent in Wheatfield that maintains the two-tone exterior color scheme of the Stockman Bank brand. More

Project • By General ShaleUniversities

Rappahannock River Hall, CNU

This impressive residence hall at Christopher Newport University, designed by Glavé & Holmes Architecture features two classic General Shale red tone bricks: Buckingham and Fort McHenry from our Virginia plant. Designers chose to accent this stately design with Arriscraft Renaissance masonry units, in Wheat, in rocked and sandblasted finishes. More

Project • By General ShalePrimary Schools

New Albany-Plain Local Schools

This new two story, 150,000 square foot academic building features General Shale Buckingham Tudor and Marley Tudor brick. This stately design delivers a timeless, yet sophisticated red school house aesthetic. More

Project • By General ShaleHeritages

Grace's Restaurant

This incredibly charming design is brought to life with General Shale's nostalgic, multi-colored Autumn Leaf brick with a grain texture and tumbled edges. A second accent brick - Cambridge, in smooth finish and tumbled edges is used for arches, window headers and other features to complete this intricate design. More

Project • By General ShaleBanks

First Intercontinental Bank

Designed by Hill Foley Rossi & Associates, LLC, the new First Intercontinental Bank opened in 2017 and features General Shale Baystone brick in Velour finish.  This bank also features Arriscraft Renaissance ARRIS-tile and Stack as accents (thin stone products). More

Project • By General ShaleBanks

Food City Corporate Headquarters

This new 120,000 square foot, four story office building and conference center features General Shale's classic Red Centennial and Red Range commercial brick, in wirecut finish. More

Project • By Squire & PartnersResidential Landscape

Yeoman's Row

In 2017 Squire & Partners completed Yeoman's Row, a new build residential development of exceptional craftsmanship in the heart of Knightsbridge. The site on Yeoman’s Row - just off Brompton Road – was a rare opportunity to create a series of residences in an area characterised by a run of richly detailed Victorian artists’ houses.Knighton Place lies within the Thurloe Estate and Smith’s Charity Conservation area, so the practice’s concept drew inspiration from the variety of architectural styles which date from late Georgian to the modern day.Designs reflect the craft and artistry of neighbouring houses by employing a subtle variety between residences, which share a palette of sandstone as their primary material.A contemporary interpre... More
West facade

Project • By Frederic SchneeResidential Landscape

桃舍 PEACH HOUSE, Beijing

刘家小院 桃舍 PEACH HOUSE, Beijing– Rural housing construction owes little to the State and household savings even enable to build private ownership. By allowing the purchase of materials from local manufacturers and artisans, self-built housing construction is prevalent in rural areas. Private property goes back to the agricultural reform of the 1950s, which did not succeed in establishing collective habitations, but reaffirmed the notion of private property as the expression of the work of the family. They are the homes of peasants – inherited or built with domestic savings. The courtyard house in North China constitutes a form of housing which is the result of a long process of interaction between the built form and social, economic, and cultu... More

Project • By Nash Baker ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Broad Street House

Broad Street House is new build home in Suffolk by Nash Baker Architects. The house utilises a palette of natural and traditional materials to blend with the rural street scene, and the exterior uses oak cladding and handmade bricks (both locally sourced) to blend with the architectural character of the village. To create a more distinctive look, the bricks were laid in a variation of ‘Monks bond’ using white iron-free sand for the lime mortar which was sourced from the local Wivenhoe pit. In contrast to the brickwork at the ground floor, the upper level appears lightweight, utilising ribbons of untreated oak cladding to wrap up and across a pitched roof. The oak cladding was sized to match the brick course dimensions, so that the two el... More