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Project • By DNK agTowns

Residential complex MAY

The planning scheme of the area is a block structure with low-rise development (3-5 floors). All types of buildings are united by pedestrian boulevard. It links small square with cafes and shops, kindergarten and elementary school. There is a clear division of zones into private and public inside the blocks. Cozy courtyards without cars, front gardens, balconies, terraces and playgrounds are private. Public zone includes streets, framed by low-rise buildings, and a pedestrian boulevard. There are houses of four different types — from economy to business class. The  facades have common concept and materials, but each type has its own distinctive features. Therefore the area has a complete character without monotony. Diverse relief... More

Project • By DNK agPrivate Houses


The volume of the villa is built on strict geometry. The key architectural accent is the courtyard that provides both privacy and exposure to light. The task was to create a private space surrounded by greenery and exposed to light, taking into account that the area is small, building on neighbouring plots from three sides and only one side looks at the forest. The villa is a two-story building with open terraces and a flat roof. The house is placed closer to the plot border so that most of the territory in front of the forest could be turned into a park. The maintenance block is located along the plot border, and the residential building adjoins it through the courtyard in between. The open terraces of the ground and the first floors face... More

Project • By Piotr Krajewski - Architectural PhotographyShopping Centres

Riviera Shopping Center in Lipieck

Text from the architects: "When the Lipetsk based shopping center was named "Rivere" we all felt like it was a good idea. The name recalls sunny warm days spent on the beach.We were trusted with designing the facades and the interiors. We imagined the sun, the blue sky, some white sand and colorful cocktails with small paper umbrellas in them.We imagined the sun, the blue sky, some white sand, and colorful cocktails with small paper umbrellas in them.This is a perfect holiday world created to support the brand name, and you can easily imagine customers doing their shopping in flip flops, even in the middle of a Russian winter.The same colors are used in the interior, captured in the glass balustrades of the main atrium and the lamp shades i... More

Project • By AI-architects Architectural bureauTrain stations

Sheremetyevskaya metro station

The Moscow Metro is among the main sights of Russian capital city and is known as masterpiece of engineering and architectural thought. The best architects were involved in the construction of the Metro: Ivan Fomin, Alexey Dushkin, Boris Iofan, consultants were Alexey Shchusev, Ivan Zholtovsky. In June 2017 Moscow based Architectural bureau AI-architects won an international competition for architecture and design of a new metro station "Sheremeryevskaya", which will be built in 2020. Anyone who had ever entered the underground transport artery of the Russian capital could appreciate the extraordinary breadth of variants of architectural-artistic appearances, the compositional integrity of the spaces of all halls and platforms, light... More