Residential complex MAY

Residential complex MAY

DNK ag
Горки Ленинские, Moscow Oblast, Russia | View Map
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dnk ag, Dmitry Chebanenko

Urban suburb of Moscow

DNK ag as Architects

The planning scheme of the area is a block structure with low-rise development (3-5 floors). All types of buildings are united by pedestrian boulevard. It links small square with cafes and shops, kindergarten and elementary school. There is a clear division of zones into private and public inside the blocks. Cozy courtyards without cars, front gardens, balconies, terraces and playgrounds are private. Public zone includes streets, framed by low-rise buildings, and a pedestrian boulevard. There are houses of four different types — from economy to business class. The  facades have common concept and materials, but each type has its own distinctive features. Therefore the area has a complete character without monotony. Diverse relief allowed to raise the basement level above the ground and form different silhouettes of the blocks. Residents of the ferst floors have their own separate exits to small front gardens, private terraces and a plot of land. This project implements  several principles which help to create a comfortable environment. Housing development has a friendly human scale and perfectly inscribed into the landscape. There are four types of houses, unified concept and big range of architectural solutions. Ideas of private yards without cars and beautification of public spaces are also implemented. All buildings are fully immersed in nature and have great views. This area is typologically close to the North European housing development, which means that a truly intimate human-scaled environment has been created here. The ways of big city life peacefully coexist with the “unity with nature” values.

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Product Spec Sheet
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