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NewsNews • 16 Dec 2022

Bica Arquitectos wraps a house in Fir Wood Palisade to preserve the dunes in Troia

Nestled in an ecologically sensitive landscape facing the sea in Troia, Portugal, the Palisade House, designed by Lisbon-based architecture studio Bica Arquitectos, seeks to protect the surrounding dunes and local plant species while ensuring the resident's privacy. FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura The design process involved shaping a large dune surrounding the house and covering it with native vegetation. The dune emphasises the area's natural characteristics while promoting local sustainability since it was built using sand disposed of by nearby constructions. FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura To protect the natural dune, a long Palisade made of Fir wood was crafted, establishing the periphery of the building while... More

NewsNews • 10 Nov 2022

House of Music by Sou Fujimoto Architects brings together music, architecture and landscape

Part of Europe’s largest cultural development project, the Liget Budapest, intending to reimagine the cultural experience in the city, Star Japanese Design firm Sou Fujimoto Architects unveil the House of Music as an intersection of art, culture and architecture. Liget Budapest - Palkó György Being located in Budapest, Hungary, a historic centre of music in Europe, the project seeks to introduce music to life through an interplay of nature, sound, and light. The House offers a variety of live music alongside exhibitions and educational programmes to provide possibilities for any individual to perform and experience music. Liget Budapest - Palkó György Seamlessly blurring the boundaries betwe... More

NewsNews • 6 Oct 2022

31 design studio pictures an embracing abode amidst a coconut forest in Haikou

Set amidst a lush coconut forest, the Visun Great land Art Villa designed by Shenzhen-based architects 31 design, integrates art, nature and life in a unique synthesis. The site environment encourages the users to meander through the lush trees to reach the serene retreat, immersed in nature.  Chen Weizhong The design reimagines leisurely luxury and adopts subtle elements, creating an interrelationship with nature. Framing views of the coconut wood, a meadow and a gentle stream, the house seamlessly brings the outside inside.  Chen Weizhong The natural environment becomes integral to the architectural layout and circulation routes, enhancing the microclimate of the house. Blurred boundaries between the spac... More

NewsNews • 28 Sep 2022

De Villa by Rj Architects blurs boundaries and finds solitude in nature

Located in Qom city, De Villa, designed by Rj Architects, seeks refuge in nature and establishes a clear relationship with the environment. The name of the house derives from the abbreviation De, meaning withdrawing from city life and encapsulating oneself in nature.  Mohammad Hasan Ettefagh The plan evolved through the organization of spaces along axes of yards such that one can experience living in the heart of nature. Courtyards and open spaces enhance the visual appeal by providing natural viewpoints.  Mohammad Hasan Ettefagh Spread over the ground, the house is placed at one level, with every room opening into an open space. The rooftop comprises an observatory deck where one can immerse themselves in... More

Project • By SENSO | THINK UNITEDShowrooms

Grey | 7

GREY | 7 - The Home Collection by Bertam Beerbaum. Dutch design, made by a Dutch furniture manufacturer who has more than one hundred years of experience. Functional and comfortable, cool and chic.. It's always a surprise.  160 square metres Bcrete Woodstone floorcovering by Senso.  More

Project • By SENSO | THINK UNITEDApartments

Nocasa Chur

Nocasa Baumanagement AG is a real estate company for conceptual development of high quality real estate. Nocasa is always looking for interesting properties for the realization of successful real estate projects.  Our design team installed 110sqm Fusion Fossil by Senso High Density.      More

Product • By Evo-LiteAuragami Flexible LED Light Sheets

Auragami Flexible LED Light Sheets

For quotes and additional information, please contact us at   A favorite for commercial and residential applications, Auragami is the ideal solution for lighting architectural features, accents, and embellishments. It is also a popular product for backlighting countertops, bar tops, curved surfaces, low-clearance applications, and in situations where final measurements are unknown or may potentially change. Flexible and field-customizable, Auragami will provide uniform illumination with as little as 3/8" of separation between the translucent material and light sheet.   AURAGAMI IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION WHEN: • Final dimensions are unknown or likely to change • Folding and/or cuttin... More