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Product • By ECLISSE srlECLISSE Syntesis® Luce

ECLISSE Syntesis® Luce

ECLISSE Luce patented technology fits out with dimmer controls, switches and sockets into the wall hosting the frame: it is perfect to keep light points near the door passage. ECLISSE Syntesis Luce brings new performances, combining aesthetic with handiness: the neatness of the design makes it perfect for any architectural need and the frame can be fitted with electrical spot, such as light points, switches and sockets. It comes with the single-door version or matching the double-door model completely vanishing. Counterframe for single doors without jambs and architraves wiring ready Available also for double doors (Syntesis®Luce double) More

Project • By ErmetikaExhibitions


You'll find into this cutting-edge new model house three Ermetika's products: -Absolute Evo, single door, the frame for a vanishing sliding door without jambs and architrave, -Evolution, single door, the classic frame for a cavity door, -Luminox, single door, the pocket that hosts sockets Three different products that share the same vision : to save space. The modular and transferable residential unit was actualized by Edilportale together with the Trento University and was launched in early show at the Smart Village 2013. Livingbox is a real home but modular, transferable, livable for a month or for a life. It melts architecture and design in a limited functional space that is exploited and cherished in every detail. It is co... More