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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
ManufacturersFaraone Srl
FX.12 in AllominioPREFA GmbH
Toilet and WashbasinDuravit
App| Table, ITOCLEI
Ito, Home office
CVP| WindowVELUX Commercial

Product Spec Sheet
Toilet and Washbasin
App| Table, ITO
Ito, Home office by CLEI
CVP| Window

Ermetika @ Made Expo, Milan, Italy

Ermetika as Manufacturers

You'll find into this cutting-edge new model house three Ermetika's products:

-Absolute Evo, single door, the frame for a vanishing sliding door without jambs and architrave, -Evolution, single door, the classic frame for a cavity door, -Luminox, single door, the pocket that hosts sockets

Three different products that share the same vision : to save space.

The modular and transferable residential unit was actualized by Edilportale together with the Trento University and was launched in early show at the Smart Village 2013.

Livingbox is a real home but modular, transferable, livable for a month or for a life. It melts architecture and design in a limited functional space that is exploited and cherished in every detail. It is composed of a preassembled block, a container-size single unit, that can be easily carried and lived in a while.

The modular structure allows to link more units, creating a real "Livingbox Village".

This project has no impact on environment and it's completely sustainable. In fact this house just atteint the " MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE" , an international certification from ICMQ.

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Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy - Build completed in 2017
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