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The 'green' bridge - the bridge covered with vegetation
Location: Budapest, Hungary
The 'green' bridge - the bridge covered with vegetation
The 'green' bridge - the bridge covered with vegetation
The 'empty' bridge - the bridge without platforms

Project • By Pontifex HungaricusBridges

The Chameleon

'A bridge you want to linger on'   Pontifex Hungaricus unveils the prototype of its innovative urban bridge, 'the Chameleon'. This innovative solution can be applied to any similar Warren truss bridge, but the version presented here targets a specific bridge location in Budapest. Caption Let us look at the constraints that define the bridge. The proposed bridge would be built on the north side of the Northern Link Rail Bridge. There is no road connection, so there is quite a detour for those wishing to cross to the other side of the Danube. The design of a new bridge is constrained by the almost 700 m long, monotonous, repetitive truss girder structure of the adjacent railway bridge. The new bridge will have to respond to all t... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Dutch technology startup MX3D completes world’s first 3D printed stainless steel bridge over an Amsterdam canal

Over one of the oldest canals in Amsterdam’s Red Light district, MX3D realized the world’s first 3D printed bridge made from stainless steel. The bridge is designed by Joris Laarman Lab in collaboration with Arup as structural engineer. Thea van den Heuvel The project started in 2015 with a proposal to print a metal bridge with robotic 3D printing technology as a playful example of how digital tools can create a new architectural language.     “Evolution is a truly wonderful process that we try to harness in our work. Endlessly trying, refining, improving until slowly, something emerges that is so ingenious it looks like magic if you don’t know what went on before. In our work, we try to captur... More