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NewsNews • 15 Mar 2021

Lucio building completed with a façade of evanescent glass scales

Office building Lucio has been completed by the Barbarito Bancel Agency in Lille. Elegant in proportion and form, the new building includes 1462 m2 of flexible office space and features a façade of evanescent glass scales that subtly play with degrees of transparency and reflections fragmented within the environment. Alessandra Chemollo Lucio is located in a new economic centre called EuraTechnologies, which is dedicated to information and communication technology and brings together many French and foreign start-ups. The project site is open and complex, situated opposite the ‘Cour de Bretagne,’ a large square that constitutes the entrance to the business district. At the same time, the building context includes nu... More

NewsNews • 2 Dec 2020

Indonesian urban retreat makes the most of a small site

A serene escape from the chaos of the city, MONOHOUSE Chapter I by monostudio is located in the north west city of Surabaya, Indonesia. It is situated on a small site measuring 7m x 12 m with no buildings to the left or the right. Infigura (Andrinata) The house is a series of compositions, finished with simple materials. In response to the region’s intense sun, an aluminium grid façade forms a key element of the façade. In addition to providing solar control, this feature lends a sense of transparency and texture. Further to this, canopies and overhanging volumes have been designed and supported with a wood plastic composite material to add further protection from sun. Windows are deep set in the heavy building mas... More

Project • By SWFContractOffices

Cirrus Logic Headquarters

As a premier supplier of high-precision analog and digital signal processing components, Cirrus Logic has an award-winning corporate culture and regularly tops local, state, and national lists of the Best Places to Work. Their Austin headquarters include SWFcontract Manual and Motorized Solar Shades. More

Product • By MechoSunDialer® WindowManagement® System

SunDialer® WindowManagement® System

A state-of-the-art automated-shading system, featuring the same advanced solar-tracking and sky-monitoring technology as the elite SolarTrac®, but tailored for small-scale and retrofit projects. SunDialer is scientifically designed to maximize natural daylight and increase energy efficiency while providing occupants with a comfortable environment and views to the outside More

Product • By GradhermeticP 120

P 120

Gradpanel P 120 Series lattices are formed by tubular slats of rectangular section with Gradpanel P 120 Series lattices are formed by tubular slats of rectangular section with overlaps at the ends. This 120x18 mm adjustable slats are made from profiled aluminum and can be installed horizontally or vertically within different types of extruded aluminum frames. Adjustable slats are connected to an aluminum plate drive rule with polyamide clips attached to the head end, although they allow the possibility of fixed slats with a double pivot head end system to the desired orientation. They offer perforation possibility of slats, with 17% and Ø1.8 mm coefficient and a different bi-color finish on both sides of the slats or other colors... More

Project • By Duco Ventilation & Sun ControlOffices

Atheneum Pegasus

“Duco contributes to the building of an educational gem with DucoSun Ellips” In the autumn of 2014, the first sod was cut in the West Flanders seaside resort of Ostend for the construction of an impressive school complex. In order to cope expeditiously with the steady growth of Atheneum Pegasus, pupils and teaching staff were able, thanks to close cooperation between the stakeholders, to settle into the snazzy, elongated newbuild wing after scarcely one year. The design was handled by Urban Platform, whose main driving forces were sustainability and energy efficiency, as well as focusing on indoor climate. Close to the centre of Ostend, it is not only pupils and teaching staff, but also architecture enthusiasts and casual passers-by w... More

Product • By BandaluxVERTICAL blinds


180º sunlight management. Vertical shades afford a precise control of the light with two movements: Open or close, and position. With a single command, the slats are regulated in keeping with the orientation of the sun, for maximum visual and thermal comfort. The slats (measuring 89 mm and 127mm) are delivered with a perfect separation between them. When in the closed position, they offer a perfect equidistant overlapping, for total protection from the impact of the light and heat. These are very versatile systems that adapt well to large openings, high ceilings and irregular surfaces, such as slants, cornices, staircases and curved spaces. More

Project • By Duco Ventilation & Sun ControlOffices

Power Solutions

In spring 2015, an impressive spectacle emerged right next to Bosuil stadium, home to the Royal Antwerp Football Club, as all the stops were being pulled out on an undeveloped plot of land just short of 8,000 m² where work was being carried out on the construction of a magnificent brand-new office building for Power Solutions. Magnificent indeed, since Duco and BOfA, a firm of architects, surprised many a contractor with a successful combination of lavish architecture, durability and a comfortable indoor climate. Brotherly neighbours. That’s how Power Solutions and XL Boom stand proudly together today. Two totally different entities whose core operations have nothing in common, yet which appear to project virtually the same character to... More

Product • By KE OUTDOOR DESIGNKedry Prime

Kedry Prime

KE strengthens its worldwide presence proving to be one of the leading company in the solar shading scenario. Innovation, tasteful design, wide and extensive product range, customized solutions. These are the strong points of GENNIUS pergola system, which adds to its range the brand new KEDRY PRIME*, a louvre blades shading structure in aluminium that protects from sun rays, wind, humidity and – thanks to the new movable system that channels rainwater to dedicated gutters – water. Extremely easy to install, Kedry Prime can be fit in any outdoor landscape: the pergola system has a special roof with adjustable blades which allows minimum height overall dimensions and enhances the structure linear design. Moreover an integrated perimetr... More

Project • By Duco Ventilation & Sun ControlApartments

Apartment Block Sint-Niklaas

In the centre of Sint-Niklaas in the Belgian province of East Flanders, just a stone's throw from the Grote Markt, two terraced houses and a commercial property have been converted into an apartment block – and very successfully too, as is obvious to anyone who has seen the finished structure. The success of the design was based on two factors: the unfavourable position of the building and the talent of architect Bas Wauman, who, together with Duco Ventilation & Sun Control, turned this into an advantage. The challenge when drafting the plans for the new building was to ensure that all residents of the apartment block would benefit from maximum comfort. This was by no means a given, however. “The living areas within this block, which is... More

Product • By BandaluxPremium Plus Roller Blinds

Premium Plus Roller Blinds

Sun protection for particularly wide or tall openings   The Premium Plus roller shades without boxes enable the manufacture of extra wide and tall shades. Their extra thin covers minimize the gap between the fabric and the support. An easy to install system made with highly resistant and rustproof materials, which guarantee their durability outdoors. The system also features the “double fabric” option, which combines a blackout fabric with a decorative fabric, so that the user can choose between privacy and total darkness, for guaranteed maximum comfort at any time of the day. More