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NewsNews • 15 Jun 2021

Simple abstraction and minimalist detailing define the uplifting Jinan Changzhuang Church

Simple and minimal, the church space of the Jinan Changzhuang Church by Archipoetry Studio is abstracted into a basic building block. With limited decoration, structural design was carefully considered from the outset with the architect controlling the column spacing and column cross-sections to ensure the main hall presents a classical, symmetrical and rhythmic spatial atmosphere.  Jianbo Ke In the main façade of the building, U-shaped glass with vertical lines is used, combined with the cross shape of the steel structure. The simple design move results in a visually upward feeling force.  Jianbo Ke The exterior of the building is a dark colour, to ensure durability and integration in the surrounding environmen... More

Product • By Unika VaevTRILINE WALL TILE


Triline Wall Tile has a basic rectangular shape. Arrange the wall panels next to each other for a stylish relief pattern and play with the different color expressions available. The angled face shape of Triline is not only an aesthetic statement - it enhances its absorbent qualities by diffusing sound, as well. More

Product • By Unika VaevSONEO WALL TILE


Soneo Wall Tile is a simple and yet stylish system of square and rectangular sound-absorbing wall panels. A large variety of covering choices provide a wide-range of variations in pattern, texture, and color. Soneo Wall panels contain 1.2", 2" or 4" thick polyester and are available in several different sizes. Combine colors and thicknesses to create a truly dynamic interior! More

Product • By Unika VaevLINA WALL SOLID


Lina Wall Solid is a series of sound absorbing cylindrical wool wall tiles created by Bryndís Bolladóttir. Lina Wall Solid is available in 18 colorful options of Icelandic wool. Lina Wall Solid is easily hung on a wall providing maximum sound absorption with minimal coverage.Tiles are not sampled. Colors may be selected from felt swatches. More

Project • By INpulsOffices

WE communication

WE Communication is one of the biggest owner-operated agencies for communication, PR and integrated marketing. They have been working successfully in various markets with well-known brands for more than 35 years.The office close to the central station in Munich with approximately 30 employees - which previously was an open-plan office-  was thoroughly transformed by Inpuls into a more classy and contemporary work environment. As a result, the spacious area ( 300m²) consists now of several work- & creative spaces, a library, conference room and single workplaces. The greenish nap-cap zone combined with the orange-coloured lounge section in the library aims to enhance the well-being of the members during the break.Additionally,... More

Product • By Acoustical SurfacesCFAB™ Cellulose Acoustic Panels

CFAB™ Cellulose Acoustic Panels

Made from recycled newspapers, cellulose panels are a green insulation alternative to traditional fiberglass and synthetic panels. Made from a combination of recycled and renewable fibers, CFAB cellulose soundproofing insulation products are environmentally responsible and sustainable. Most CFAB cellulose foam board products are completely recyclable and no scrap is produced during the manufacturing process or installation of the material. More

Product • By LIKO-SSilentPET | acoustic design panels

SilentPET | acoustic design panels

Each space is different. Large glass surfaces, hard floors, open spaces, or high light clearance. The composition of the construction, carpet, or furnishings usually improves the acoustic conditions in the room, but only by using acoustic panels can you achieve the correct acoustic conditions. Choosing the correct shapes and location plays a role in the final effect of fine-tuning both the room and its users acoustically.   ACOUSTICS FROM PET BOTTLESWe think ecologically and we care about sustainability. That's why we came up with the idea of how to produce acoustic panels from PET bottles. PET bottles are processed into fibers in the manufacturing process to form a final blend of material. Final rolling produces SilentPET® sound... More

Product • By SoundtectFREESTYLE


Soundtect’s Freestyle™ Panels are architecturally inspired and can be used to create stunning, utterly modern wall and ceiling designs in a range of colours and finishes.   The contemporary design is suited to a range of commercial applications and ensures effective acoustic management whatever the space. With up to 70% recycled content and finely tuned reverberation and sound control, Freestyle™ is the natural choice for bespoke designs that challenge the status quo.   Developed by London-based Soundtect®, Freestyle™ panels are built to exacting quality and use all of Soundtect’s pioneering acoustic know-how.   • Elevated design potential • Incredible versatility • Ava... More

Project • By Max Q Holzmarketing GmbHOffices

Mercator Stiftung Essen

Madako ArchitektenAcoustically effective Tandem Acoustics Collection Valchromat walls aesthetics are preserved through microholes! More

Product • By Armstrong Ceiling SolutionsOptima L Canopy

Optima L Canopy

Optima L Canopy is a mineral panel available in 3 sizes. Its colour is in white on all 6 surfaces giving a high quality appearance. The Optima L Canopy provides a cost effective design solution for open areas providing excellent sound absorption and light reflectance. Optima L Canopies can be used in new spaces or to rejuvenate or renovate an existing area. Optima L Canopies are very easy and quick to install under plasterboard ceiling, exiting grid systems or an exposed concrete soffit. More

Project • By BAUXBanks

OPUS Business Park Helsinki – A Unique Acoustic Space

Commissioned to design the reception areas for the newly renovated OPUS Business Park in Helsinki, interior designers Niina Sihto and Emma Keränen converted an empty, grey tiled space into a warm, welcoming reception hall. They eliminated sound reflections from tiled floors and huge glass windows by installing a number of BAUX designs. The texture of the wood-wool tiles contrasted the hard surfaces and helped to soft the space. The colours have also had a huge impact. The client wanted a warm feeling on entering the building, so Nina and Emma chose soft reds that complemented the client’s brand identify. The inspiration for the designs came from our BAUX design tool and sample images on the BAUX website. The construction process was quic... More

Project • By BAUXBanks

KPMG Copenhagen – Scandinavian Style

On moving to their new offices nestled in the newly renovated Nordhaven district in Copenhagen, KPMG wanted to create a space that represented their Nordic business values. Lead designer Francisco Sarria, took his inspiration from the dockside location. The idea was to bring the location indoors. Large-scale BAUX designs fill the reception and waiting areas with visions of sea and sky. It’s here that visitors get their first taste of the relaxed Nordic style of business. The geometric BAUX shapes meant many possibilities for graphic expression. Everything points up and to the right – forwards, towards innovation. Two twenty-meter tall BAUX designs give the feeling of being outside, in the harbour on a summer’s day. Wood fibre textures an... More

Product • By Armstrong Ceiling SolutionsWoodWorks™ Grille

WoodWorks™ Grille

Define spaces with warm, natural solid wood grille ceilings. Install in the ceiling, on the wall, or transition from the ceiling down to the wall. Two blade sizes are available in four rich finishes. Easy installation with dowel or backer and excellent sound absorption with acoustical infill panel. Custom blade size, finish, FSC-certified, and curved options available. More

Product • By BAUXBAUX Acoustic Panels

BAUX Acoustic Panels

Introducing BAUX Acoustic Panels! We asked ourselves, how can we create a new BAUX product, for large or small spaces, without compromising the functional design of BAUX Träullit? This is the story of our new creation BAUX Acoustic Panels! Acoustic Panels are made from the same environment-friendly, recyclable material as BAUX Träullit containing three natural ingredients - wood wool, cement and water. The new building tiles are larger, measuring 116×58cm, making it even easier to design beautiful acoustic designs for large-scale spaces. Endless Possibilities! With five patterns and 22 colors to choose from, you have all the elements you need to rejuvenate the largest of spaces. Benefits include sound absorption, lower energy costs... More

Product • By InnofusorGran RU Pori

Gran RU Pori

Gran RU PORI is a contemporary acoustic wall panel collection. The Collection combines the visual world of Scandinavian traditional handicrafts and tufted rugs, ecological materials and contemporary processing methods in new way to create a unique visual and acoustic experience. Gran RU PORI work consists of six panels, measuring up to a total of HxW 2430x1760 mm. In the Pori collage modern production methods are combined with the art of handicraft. The graphic pattern consists of hundreds of x’s, which are either impressed or raised by hand from the surface of the panel. The acoustic material of the panels is surface peat moss, 100% ecological and acoustically ultra effective (class A) with a unique visual texture. It is a patented F... More