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Project • By PORCELANOSAStadiums

Hertfordshire Watford Football Stadium

By combining the innovation by Butech and its building systems with the high resistance that the Urbatek extra-slim through-body porcelain provides, those in charge of the project have opted for the installation of a ceramic façade with a highly-aesthetic beauty. In addition to the 100x300cm large format, which is ideal for large scale façades, the XLight model chosen for the Watford FC football stadium has been the one from the Basic series; Extreme Black, in the 120×5,96cm format and with the hidden stitching-system.   Easy-installation was a must and that is why the Urbatek porcelain tile has been the choice for this project. With just a 3,5mm thickness and only weighing 8kg/m2. Furthermore, the XLight by Urbat... More

Project • By ER ArchitectesSports Centres

Boxing Gym Infroit stadium

A criminal fire in 2015 destroyed the old boxing room in the Stade Infroit complex. City of Villepinte decided to demolish the entire building and commissioned ER Architect / VERDI and AVA to create a new buildingfor the boxing license-holder.The goals of the project were :- create a proportionnal building into the context and scale of the stade and the neighbourhood (mix of individual houses and big social housing), - create a multipurpose building for the practice of the boxe and soccer, and use of differents associations. - make easy the use and entrance for peaple, license-holders and differents association who use the structureProgramMany sporting associations use the installation of the building : 3 boxing structure, 2... More

Project • By mado architectsSports Centres

Fes Aqua Park Complex

Fes Aquapark Complex is located in a 10000 square meter site near thermal bath fountains in Fes, Morocco. In the programming phase, we studied Fes vernacular architecture, climate, politics, history, and culture. We focused on the fundamental components of Fes and tried to design by using its characteristic elements. One of the most significant concepts derived out from Fes was the Maze, which refers to the chaotic infra-structure of the city. Another concept which contributed most to the design process was the hybrid character of the Morocco architecture affected by different cultures like Barbarians, Spain and Islamic countries. Consequently, Fes Aquapark Complex defined as a Hybrid Maze to celebrate its context cultural attributes.Head A... More

Project • By arch_itSports Centres

Hybrid sports complex with fencing hall

The building is a new part of the existing School Complex No. 5, which includes the 13th General Secondary School and bilingual secondary school in Wrocław (PL).The design of the gym is a combination of two independently functioning objects in one compact body. On the ground floor there is a separate fencing block available directly from the outside. The complex of sports facilities for the School Complex, which consists of a full-size gymnasium, fitness room, dance hall and gym, and necessary sanitary and locker rooms are located above the fencing block. Communication with the existing wing of the school takes place via a connector suspended over the inner courtyard.The form of the building is completely subordinate to its function. Indivi... More

Project • By OFMAA ArchitectsBars

skatepark NOORD

Three years after the closing om the skatepark on the NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam Noord found a new location for it’s indoor skatepark. This time it’s on the Hamerstraatgebied, situated on the north side of the IJ.The renovated hall at the Aambeeldstraat offers 1400m2 space for skate activities, including recreation and lessons on every level. Besides, there is a 150m2 catering facility with a double function as a ‘canteen’ and external hospitality.This newly created hospitality unit protrudes two meters from the original façade. The Glass entrance façade functions as an intermediary between the skatepark and the outside space. The timber frame construction of the façade is cladded with horizontal Fraké slats. The striking slope in the roof refer... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceSports Centres

Dolní Břežany Sports Hall

Architect: SPORADICAL, Aleš Kubalík, Josef Kocián, Jakub Našinec, Veronika Sávová Website: Contact e-mail: The new-build sports hall adjoins the Dolní Břežany primary school. It can be used by the school for physical education classes, and is open to the public for sports activities and as a cultural venue. Well integrated with its surroundings and the public space, its modern look is an attraction and inspiration for the area. The sports surface is 45 × 25 meters, and the grandstand provides seating for 250 spectators. Having undergone radical changes in the last few years, Dolní Břežany is a modern and attractive... More

Project • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsStadiums


We have supplied the SU100, a drainage channel with special characteristics for football pitches. ULMA polymer concrete drainage channels have been supplied for the football stadium facilities and school of the Sporting de Gijón sports club. The sport system, a range of channels and accessories created especially for sports infrastructures has been selected. More specifically, 700ml of SU100.18R channel have been installed with ribbed galvanised grating GN100UCA. This channel, specially designed for football pitches, has a rounded edge to ensure the artificial grass do not divide when the grating is fitted. In addition, one of the sides of the channel is lower so that when the grass fits in between the edge of the channel and the gra... More

Project • By Banker WireStadiums

Stade de Soccer de Montréal

Completed in 2015, the Stade de Soccer de Montreal is an award-winning addition to Montreal’s sports culture. The facility is situated along the edge of a former quarry that is currently in the process of being transformed into a nearly 500–acre ecological park – soon to be the largest urban park in Montreal. Saucier + Perrotte Architects designed the extraordinary building to celebrate the landscape it sits on and the multiculturalism of the area. When charged with finding equally versatile interior design components that would meet both technical and aesthetic requirements, architects Saucier + Perrotte chose Banker Wire woven wire mesh. The indoor soccer field is flanked on one side by two stories, accommodating specta... More

Project • By Oficina Urbana arquitecturaSports Centres

New sport center

La spiaggia di Sesto is a project for a sport complex designed by Our arquitectura in collaboration with arch. Giovanni Carignani and arch. Maria Nieddu.Located in the countryside of Capannori (Italy), near the ancient city of Lucca and in a fantastic natural scenery the new sport center project was elaborated to blend harmoniously with its natural surrounding, drawing inspiration from the traditional architecture and the natural landscape of the region.The aim of this project is to provide the area of new public services, encouraging sport activities as a way to promote the social integration for the inhabitants in the area, expecially the youth persons.The volume of the new sport center takes place near the Visona creek with a spectacular... More
Istituto Gonzaga di Milano
Istituto Gonzaga di Milano
Istituto Gonzaga di Milano
Istituto Gonzaga di Milano
Istituto Gonzaga di Milano

Project • By One WorksAuditoriums

Gonzaga School, New Sport and Conference Facilities

The Gonzaga Institute, one of the oldest private schools in Milan, from its foundation in 1906, has always considered the needs of the students and times. The school structure has evolved over the years, acquiring new spaces for learning activities and sports. It is in this context that the design of the new wing inserts itself. Recently completed, the school now offers a new sports center and conference hall, large outdoor spaces, and a multi-story car park. The facilities are open to students and the city at large. The courtyard is the heart of the school, the neuralgic center, both physically and functional wise, around which revolves the scholastic organism. The three new volumes overlook the courtyard and complete the fourth side.... More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalSports Centres

Fitness center World Class Four Winds

World Class - fitness club chain was founded by former fencer Olga Slutsker, who was inspired to open her first fitness centre in 1993. Today World Class gyms are trendsetters of fitness industry in Russia. High quality and the most modern equipment, ecological air and water cleaning systems allow creating the comfortable environment for work. All gyms are certified with a single standard of chain, not only in Moscow but also clubs in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities. Famous sportsmen, politicians, successful business-men and celebrities are members of these clubs. Pride of World Class Tverskaya is a swimming pool with a great designed ceiling and panoramic windows. More information about Lineair 80B with flexible car... More

Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenRestaurants

MUAC Eurocontrole

The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) is an international non-profit air navigation service provider, operated by EUROCONTROL on behalf of four States – Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The building is situated next to the Maastricht Aachen airport in Beek , the Netherlands. The organization is in operation 24 h / 7d a week. In addition to the existing building , the new three story high R-building accommodates all the leisure facilities for the employees of Eurocontrol . The building has a gross floorplan of 4230 m2 , exclusive the basement, contains a restaurant with seating for 220 people , a kitchen , a gym that also can be used as a general purpose room , 2 VIP rooms , a recreation area, an interne... More

Project • By Empresa de desarrollo urbano: EDUCommunity Centres

UVA EL PARAISO – Unidad de vida articulada San Antonio de Prado

Unidad de Vida Articulada San Antonio de Prado Articulated Units Life, UVA, are urban transformations in the neighborhoods of Medellin, intended for the public meeting, the promotion of sport, recreation, culture and community participation, under the concepts of: • JOINT PROGRAMMES, PROJECTS AND CITY: Equipment that promote balance in services for the neighborhood and the city • RECYCLING EXISTING AND UNUSED SPACES Revive restricted urban spaces in effective public space • SPACES TO ENJOY WITH FIVE SENSES Architectures that interact with citizens, which generates experiences UVA (articulated life unit) “The Paradise”, is a sport center, recreational and cultural activities, is conceived as an neighborhood club immersed in one o... More

Project • By Fribul ArchitectsSports Centres

Multifunctional sports hall ELSchool

The hall provides a multi-functional sport field 55 per 25 meters in size. Laminated timber beams with steel turnbuckles are used in the main structure ensuring full use of the hall for handball, mini football, volleyball, basketball. Compact two levels block on the norden site provides the necessary storage areas, locker rooms, a lobby, service and coaching facilities. Connection to the school building is provided by a passage on second level. More
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Project • By HelsinkizurichParks/Gardens

Sports and Recreation Park

This project consists of outdoor areas by Kyrkfjärden’s school in Inkoo, Finland, designed by helsinkizürich. The areas create a sport park with amenities for all age groups. Instead of nowadays’ normal unsustainable construction materials (tartan, styrofoam, plastic grass), this park is sustainable, natural and organic. We have used a lot of wood and the vegetation consists of typical seashore plants. These type of sports and recreational parks are promoted by the Ministry of Environment in Finland and its regional Business, Traffic and Environment Centres. The sports parks support communities and cities in their willingness to develop new healthy and sustainable parks, which activate the residents with opportunities for versatile phys... More