Fes Aqua Park Complex

Fes Aqua Park Complex

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Fes Aquapark Complex is located in a 10000 square meter site near thermal bath fountains in Fes, Morocco. In the programming phase, we studied Fes vernacular architecture, climate, politics, history, and culture. We focused on the fundamental components of Fes and tried to design by using its characteristic elements. One of the most significant concepts derived out from Fes was the Maze, which refers to the chaotic infra-structure of the city. Another concept which contributed most to the design process was the hybrid character of the Morocco architecture affected by different cultures like Barbarians, Spain and Islamic countries. Consequently, Fes Aquapark Complex defined as a Hybrid Maze to celebrate its context cultural attributes.

Head Architect : Maziar Dolatabadi

Lead Architect : Moein Nikaeen

Architect In Charge : Deniz Ebrahimi Azar

Programing : Marjan Mirkheshti

                            Roya Zeraatkar

                            Sahba Mansour

3D Design & Rendering : Bashir Zahedi

Visualiser : Roya Zeraatkar

                        Marjan Mirkheshti

Project Manager : Mohsen Moshrefzade

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