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NewsNews • 6 Nov 2020

Ten Times Hotel a unique transformation of old dormitory building

Located outside the city of Ganzhou, Ten Times Hotel is a unique transformation of old dormitory buildings undertaken by Monolith Architects.  Using the existing external steel frame as the basic structure of the overall building, a new façade system is set up. The structural frame also provides structural support for a new roof attic and a new logistics traffic space.   Credit: Lei Mao The design retains the basic shape and volume of the original building and celebrates the most widely used materials in rural Chinese architecture, such as steel structure, broken aluminium glass windows, brick, concrete ad plywood. Credit: Lei Mao A new glass façade reshapes the overall image of the building and also turn... More

Project • By Aaksen Responsible AarchitectureRestaurants

Loko Café

Located at heritage site where the historic Bandung Railway Station situated, Loko Café Bandung is a café that welcomes every train passenger in Bandung Railway Station that reminisces a nostalgic feeling towards the old station, while representing the Indonesian Railway Company in a contemporary way.   The café itself is named Loko after locomotive, owned by Indonesian Railway Company. Therefore, the design approach signifies railway elements and nostalgic feeling of the historic site, with the basic function of fulfilling needs as the foremost transit area, and reconnecting people and place. The idea then is to establish a plaza at the front, where people can seamlessly gather from multiple sides, as well as be... More

Project • By ECOSTEELPavilions

China Corporate United Pavilion (CCUP) @ EXPO 2015

The image of power that arises from the breaking of ground to the sprouting of seeds has inspired the design of the China Corporate United Pavilion (CCUP). The life that comes from the green heart, that contains the auditorium space, transforms into the spiral of a DNA chain tracing an upward path, to then take on an elliptical form: the ramp gently accompanies visitors upwards towards the open spaces of the Italian-Chinese garden and the terrace. The pavilion is a temporary construction for these six months. Its simple geometric shape of an outer rectangle – aesthetically lightweight and breathable thanks to the breathable membrane and glass walls – covers the harmonious inner curves that represent the vitality of Chinese enterprises. More

Project • By Maki and AssociatesResearch Facilities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Media Laboratory was formed in 1980 out of the work of MIT’s Architectural Machine Group and was built upon the seminal work of the faculty, which included a variety of research disciplines including cognition, learning, music, graphic design, video and holography. The lab has pioneered a research environment where academia and industry collaborate and has cultivated a culture built around cross disciplinary research groups much in the spirit and vitality of architectural “ateliers.” The success of the school now depends on a major expansion project that provides additional space for expanding research as well as spaces that will support and intensify the interaction among the Media Lab community. The new Media Lab Building provides... More

Project • By Rafael Viñoly Architects PCResearch Facilities

Howard hughes medical institute

Seizing an opportunity for institutional expansion in 2001, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) initiated a competition for master planning solutions to create a state-of-the-art research campus—including laboratories, a conference center and hotel facility, and on-site housing—intended to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration in order to advance medical science. Rafael Viñoly Architects’ solution delivered an environmentally and technologically advanced collection of buildings integrated within a pastoral setting. HHMI’s Janelia Farm Research Campus sits on 689 acres bounded by forest on two sides, within a sloping hillside and generous views of the Potomac River and the verdant Maryland fields beyond. Set into this tranquil p... More