Steel enclosures

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Project • By GKD Metal FabricsSubway Stations

Waterloo Station, London

Wessex Capacity Alliance was redesigning its Waterloo station and needed to find a durable yet attractive way to enclose its stairwells. Omega 1520 metal mesh provided the resilient protection they required to prevent falls and provide added security to the facility. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsOffices

Phelps Dunbar, Louisiana

Phelps Dunbar - corporate office - function and fashion intersect with the use of GKD Futura 3110 as both partition and balustrade. The transparency of the weave adds an open and spacious feeling, while the resilient material provides fall guard protection with a modern aesthetic. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsUniversities

Institute of Chemistry of Heidelberg University

This modern laboratory building enjoys unencumbered views through exterior walkways clad with GKD Omega 1510 stainless steel mesh with white-coated weft wires. The 104 panels provide fall guards on the balconies and protection from solar heat gain while still allowing daylight to flood the interiors. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsOffices

Easton Street

Ibbotson Architects was looking for fall protection for its Easton Street office project that kept light moving within stairwells. Coated panels of GKD Omega 1520 and Omega 1520 PC provided the safety and security factor while allowing light to permeate the space. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsStadiums

Caja Magica

The Centro Deportivo Multifuncional del Manzanares is cloaked in a visually seamless, custom GKD Escale metal mesh. Within the complex sits Caja Magica with its three tennis courts. The "Magic Box" can be tilted up and moved as needed, transforming indoor courts into outdoor playing areas. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsExhibition Centres

Audi Forum Neckersulm

Guests to this multi-functional center can experience the automobile brand in all its facets in an open-space concept gallery. To keep site lines open yet protect visitors, the elevator and surrounding stairwell were clad in Tigris to provide a transparent fall guard that also emphasizes the architecture. More

Project • By NBBJOffices

Tencent Global Headquarters

Tencent is the first company in Asia valued above $500 billion, the world’s fourth-largest internet business, and the most innovative company in China. Just as Tencent’s products transform the way society uses technology, the design of its headquarters re-envisions what the future skyscraper could look like and how it could function, not just for Tencent employees, but for workers everywhere. The design premise breaks away from the sprawling suburban campus model not easily replicable in dense cities and moves away from the traditional corporate high-rise where staff are disconnected from each other. Instead, Tencent’s headquarters splits a single high-rise into a pair of towers, one 50 stories and the other 39 stories, linking them to... More

Project • By Dominique Perrault ArchitectureBridges

Arganzuela Footbridge

The burying underground of the highway that ran along the river banks of the Manzanares river provided the opportunity to openup a new urban territory to the inhabitants of Madrid: the Manzanares Park. A series of bridges over the river will allow crossing from oneside of the park to the other. Designed to link the neighborhoods on the right and left banks of the river, the Arganzuela Footbridge will be thelongest of all the bridges to be built. The bridge will be for both pedestrians and cyclists. The footbridge enables people to cross from one sideof the park to the other and gives also direct access to the park below. Cone like in structure, the bridge has two interlocking metal spirals,wrapped by a metallic ribbon. Spaced wooden slats m... More