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Project • By MUA - Architecture & PlacemakingHotels

Fabrika Tbilisi

The SiteFabrika is located in a historic neighborhood which has been a central but less popular part of the city. Before the revitalization of the place, the building of the sewing factory that was operating during the soviet time was abandoned for the decades with no use to the neighborhood and society. The district was also unpopular as the destination for travelers or locals. The starting point was to analyze the urban context where the project could bring multiple benefits for the area: increase its publicity and influence the economic and social life of the neighborhood. Creation of a new hotspot and thus, improving the attractiveness of the area was one of the main objectives.Fabrika has become unique experience for Tbilisi in the con... More

Project • By Massimiliano Dell'OlivoApartments

Apartment in London

The apartment forms part of an elegant industrial brick building dating back to the late 19th-century, located in the Shoreditch district of London. The original, rather disjointed layout saw the apartment composed of a kitchen, a living room, a double bedroom and two bathrooms, all served by a corridor with an adjoining utility room. The renovation project is the result of a successful collaboration between the architectural firm and an Italian London-based interior designer. The functional necessity of obtaining a second bedroom was combined with the desire of the client to enjoy a large open-plan living area. The architectural project has therefore redefined the spaces in order to give centrality to the living area, to which the various... More