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Teak wood

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Project • By makeAsceneApartments

TEAK Jenga

Teak is a collection of low-rise residential developments generally found in the central of Bangkok. As a debut of the series, the Architect explores the essence of teakwood and its natural touch to be applied to this vertical dwelling.    The project is located on an artery of Bangkok urbanscape. The planning turns its side to the street with an 8-storey solid volume to the entrance. This stack of aluminum boxes acts as a landmark for guests. This is as well a reaction to the urban surroundings, also a shelter for the units from the hectic context. The rooms are arrayed in U-shape to form an inner court which featured the main facilities of the project: a pocket garden, a swimming pool, and a gym. This main floor is elevated fr... More

Project • By Studio DotOffices

Office 807

A ‘home’ is not just created by construction and materials, it is rather a by-product of astute planning and thoughtful design philosophies.  Similarly instilling a relevant architectural idea in any office space, can altogether result in an ambiance that is a pleasure to be employed with. This workspace designed by Studio Dot encompasses strategic and contemporary elements that reflect quirk and commercial ethos in one passing frame. Built-in a mere span of 25 days, the modular management applied to the layout of this office, is aptly accentuated against a subtle background of congruent colours.  The implementation of a plush office in the stated period of time was the only criterion mentioned in the brief by this US... More

Project • By SAV Architecture + DesignPrivate Houses


Situated along side a canal lined with coconut trees in the quaint village of Siolim, in North Goa, the Earth House is designed with earthy stone and teak wood textures , shaded courtyards around large existing trees and a large water pool around palms reflecting the gentle and rooted nature of our Earth.   Fronting the canal, the earth house consists of long fluid bays that open towards it offering views of the quaint coconut palm filled water edge. The double height living room extends further into the landscape shaping a linear infinite pool while the other bays of the dining, bar and kitchen all extend to form louvred semi- open spaces creating a dissolved edge condition. Existing old trees are preserved all around the house with... More

Project • By Thought ParallelsPrivate Houses

Overture House

The 10000 sq. ft. family home of the Ayanis is located in the leafy surrounds of Payyoli, Kerala - a state with unique culture and traditions, coupled with its varied topology.    Mr. Ayani recently decided to branch off from the city to his native village where he could live close to his family and relatives. He believes that this home will be a part of their extended family environment. The family desired the expression of architects who could read the surrounding landscape and acknowledge the splendor of its essence. Their appreciation of the design process and the realization of the demands of the place made achievable dialogue between client and architects.    Intended to feature biophilic design, the house&rsqu... More

Project • By Valerie Schweitzer ArchitectsPavilions

Outside-in pavilion

A dynamic design, the pavilion captures changing foliage, light, and skies, allowing nature to penetrate. In so doing, it defies strict categories of inside and out. Rather than inserting itself as an object in the landscape, it alters the way one sees and interacts with that landscape. This refuge is made of salvaged and new cedar wood, as well as construction waste, which is used at the stair rails and in the blocking between each cedar wood post. The structure  simulates a forest and allows the unadorned material to speak for itself. Additionally, the forms loosely resemble the silos of the surrounding farmlands.   We designed the structure for a matriarch to gather her family and frien... More

Project • By Various AssociatesMuseums

Vanke Nantou Gallery

Nantou Ancient Town Renovation and Upgrade is a project launched to inherit the historical context for more than a thousand years and recapture the memory of Shenzhen city.  As a local emerging design studio, Various Associates was entrusted to participate in the cluster renovation of the Project led by Vanke. The studio has completed an "urban memory exhibition hall" in the core area at Nanbei Street — the demonstration section of the Project.     Situated in the heart of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Nantou Ancient Town has witnessed the rise of Shenzhen (China's first special economic zone) from a small fishing village into an international metropolis in just four decades. However, its vicissitudes are rarely known.... More

Project • By Kit Design ArchitectPrivate Houses

B House

The house is located in outskirts of Bangkok. The 320 m2 land plot is adjacent from main family house. This house is designed for a married couple and their children. The background idea of space planning is based from Feng shui, but architectural statements must be expressed modernism. The 3 storey is formed by simple boxes geometry with feature of sliding timber screens along balcony at second floor. The timber screens are used as sun shading and privacy screen.   The L-shape Koi pond can be seen when you enter to double height volume foyer area that’s lead to a large living, dining, and family spaces. The living room space is giving a sense of house-owner. The space is connected to car porch, main entrance, Koi pond & la... More

Project • By Caceres + TousHousing

Taman Tamora

The project consists in 17 houses organized around of an existing garden accessible from each one. This common green area gives the name of the project and becomes the heart of it, creating views, privacy between the units and a common playground area. The houses use the townhouse typology as an efficient use of space and resources to keep as much green area as possible.  Respecting building regulations in Bali, the roofs plays with different shapes making each villa unique but part of the set.   Material Used :1. Façade - Kerobokan stone + 2. Flooring - Wood tiles3. Roof - Sirap roof tiles4. Windows - Aluminium black frame5. Pool - Sukabumi stone6. Decking - Bengkirai Wood7. Doors - Teak wood8. Kitchen counter - Te... More

Project • By Caceres + TousPrivate Houses

House S

A deep and narrow land with moderate slope and front views to a rice field patch. The layout uses the slope to distribute the program in two buildings. The top building contains three main bedrooms and service area; the lower building distributes around a central courtyard the kitchen, dining room, two lounges, bar area, and two guest bedrooms and an underground cinema in the basement.   The two buildings are connected by a steel bridge covered with a sliding wooden screen that allows the wind and blocks the sun and the rain.   The layout in the land allows to create different areas, a central garden, a patio with an ancient tree and a rooftop terrace to enjoy the views. The swimming pool uses the full wide of the house. &nbs... More

Project • By Studio SaxePrivate Houses

Tres Amores

Overview Charred Timber House frames views of the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica.   Studio Saxe was commissioned to design a family home perched on the hilltops of the town of Nosara Costa Rica, that would blend and hide within its natural surroundings whilst opening to the dramatic ocean and mountain views.   ConceptTwo extended horizontal roof planes provide protection from the natural elements and create large terraces that bring the outside in. A tall vertical volume of circulation interrupts the rooflines and joins all parts of the dwelling. Dark and matte materials were taken as inspiration from the surrounding natural landscape to create a harmonious dialoguebetween the dwelling and the lush mountain it now belongs to. &... More

Project • By BetweenSpacesPrivate Houses

House of Voids

House of voids is located in a gated community in urban Bangalore. The site, 50ftX100ft with the shorter side along the road faces south. The most prominent element of the house is a 6’ deep verandah/balcony around the son’s bedroom on the south and south eastern side at second floor level. The deep-set balcony was a response to the harsh south sun and privacy from the road.   The client aspired to build a house that would be more than just a place to live in or a statement to make. For him, it was more of a legacy that he would leave behind for the generations to come. While keeping his aspirations in mind, the architecture narrative was built by shaping the voids both internally and externally, rather than starting with... More

Project • By CobbleStone DesignsPrivate Houses

The Baradari

Baradari: an ingenious Indian air conditioning system incorporating a twelve doored pavilion designed to allow free flow of air.   While the baradari is quite common in the Northern part of India (Patiala even has a palace called the Baradari) our team thought it would be interesting to implement the corridor in the hospital town of Perinthalmanna in Kerala!   The residence of a doctor couple, this project was to be more than just a mere living space. While providing all the comforts of home, the space had to cater to the owner's passion for nature.   The team converted this 3485 sqft plot into a graceful villa seamlessly blending tradition with user friendly modern aesthetics.    One enters the house, throu... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNApartments


Size: 1400 sq.ft The Half Arc House, located in one of the most opulent skyscrapers in the heart of South Bombay, is rewarded with a stunning uninterrupted view of the Arabian sea on one end and the city on the other. The tower, complete with a lavish swimming pool and gym, captures the essence of luxury living. The Half Arc House is mindfully designed to magnify the luxury living experience.The Half Arc House gets its moniker from the many quarter -circles that exist in it. The first—a textured and painted arc—is seen right where the entrance meets the main L-shaped living area, and frames that room.In the guest bedroom, the arc presents itself within the teak wood and all black, back painted glass cupboards. And the bow appe... More

Project • By Studio Piet BoonPrivate Houses

Beach Residence Bonaire

Situated on a steep plot between the street and the sea on the island of Bonaire, the design for this villa uses the natural level difference in the plot as part of the design identity. Along the street side a modest one-story structure opens up to expose two stories opening to the sea. The two-floor home is designed with a mix of a traditional and modern touches, with a wooden sloping roof for the main volume and sleek and straight shapes with flat roofs that reach out to the outdoor spaces. The terraces are for the most part covered and under the same roof as the interior, so that inside and outside are strongly connected. Wooden decks connect the house with the pier extending the connection to the sea.   Material Used: 1. Local s... More

Project • By 932 Design ConsultantsPrivate Houses


The interior space challenges the unequaled potential of dark hues and the dramatic effect it can bring forward with the contrast of warm wood texture. Strong use of black profile and natural wood tone amplifies the language of masculinity, rawness and simplicity to mute the plain volume, soft lighting form create drama within the interior ‘shell. The hue of symmetrical black colour feature further defines different part of the space with visual interest.   Material Used :1. Customized Bedhead Feature carpentry – Top Portion -10mm Diameter Solid oak woodFeature profile. 2. Customized Bedhead Feature carpentry – Bottom Portion - Panaplast brand Ash white anti finger print laminate for lower bedhead panel. 3... More