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Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTConcert Halls

Events - temporary installation

Nomad Concept offers airy, open shelters that give (private) parties, festivals, exhibitions and concerts in the open air an extra dimension. These refined creations can also be rented and give an additional cachet to your event. In addition, major players in the event world have called on Nomad Concept. For the Duvel Moortgat brewery, for example, we have created an exclusive sail sculpture for their annual happenings that evokes both playfulness and austerity.We do not only rent, but also create and make shelters on demand for cultural festivals (Festival of Flanders) and famous brands who seek for an own image. Events can be temporary (1 weekend) or semi-temporary (yearly installation of 4 months). More

Project • By LIKEarchitectsCities

Bus Stop Symbiosis

BusStopSymbiosis is an enigmatic piece of urban furniture, winner of a competition launched to architects, designers and artists that intended to built temporary structures for the public space in Porto’s downtown, which improve the daily lives of citizens and tourists. Apart from the reduced budget, the main selection criteria were based on the search for an innovative idea and its appropriate integration in the selected site, being essential that the proposal would be fast and simple to implement and dismantle. The public space of the site selected for the intervention - Largo dos Lóios - is designed by the flow of public transport, taking as central element a broad set of (three) banal bus stops. BusStopSymbiosis takes advantage of th... More

Project • By DraftarchShops

Temporary pavilion

This temporary structure was born out of the Noceto municipality desire to improve and innovate the facilities of its annual local traditional town festival through the installation of a café/bar, an exhibition space and a movie screening area. A dismissed refrigerating container previously used as a scrapyard by a local slaughterhouse, a number of wooden pallets and a few boards from abandoned construction sites take new shape through a balanced and contemporary design composition. The café/bar is housed inside the container, which has been cut in order to get a wide opening towards the public space as bar counter. The pallets, which have been repainted and set side-by-side in modularity, divide the different functional area of the space:... More