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Project • By HQ ARCHITECTSShopping Centres

Petah Tikva Transportation Hub

Currently under construction, the new Transportation hub incorporates 9,000 sq.m of bus terminal with additional 9,000 sq.m of commercial space and six floors of office space on top.The breaking the traditional rectangular plan enables the creation of squares, urban spaces and commercial facades towards the surrounding streets. The design integrates elements that allow for further the development of the existing city center while still preserving the building’s clarity and usability.The terminal building offers a balance between the need of the user to reach the platform as fast and efficiently as possible, and the desire of the developer to encourage the visitor’s journey through the commercial space. By utilizing the natural t... More

Project • By JGMAAirports

O'Hare Global Terminal Design Competition

The Foster + Epstein + JGMA design is based upon a sequence of memorable and distinctive spaces that create a gateway to Chicago with architecture that is open, transparent, inclusive, welcoming and functional, in turn resolving the sophisticated security, airport and airline requirements in a way that meets the needs of both employees and passengers. Three arches frame the landside of the building, merging into a grand single arch on the airside, thus dissolving the barrier between inside and out and allowing the spectacle of the airfield to be visible to all who pass through the gateway, and recapturing the romance associated with air travel. More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalAirports

Terminal Gdansk Lech Wałesa Airport

The dynamic roof maps to the interior main hall ceiling with huge reversed pyramids pointing down with sharp peaks. The design is simple in concept but challenging for technical detailing and execution. More than 16,000 m2 of Hunter Douglas 300C Wide Panel ceiling was precisely arranged and installed on numerous inclined pyramids in sections of 470 / 940 m2 each. Due to high acoustic requirements, the specification called for perforated ceiling panels glued in non woven acoustic tissue. In addition special acoustic pads were installed inside the panels providing excellent acoustic performance of the ceiling combined with very good light reflection. In order to provide uniform smooth visual connection between interior and exterior ceilings t... More

Project • By Studio FuksasAirports

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Airport Expansion Terminal 3

The highly anticipated new terminal at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Guangdong, China, will be operational from the 28 November, 2013. The first airport by acclaimed architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas it is set to become an iconic landmark that will boost the economic development of Shenzhen - one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Won by international competition, it has undergone a remarkably rapid process of design and construction, completing within 3 years. The client, Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., is so pleased with the striking design that it is taking the unusual step of trying to copyright it. The terminal – the largest single public building to be built to date in Shenzhen - encompasses 63 co... More

Project • By Luis Vidal + Architects (LVA)Airports

Terminal 2A Heathrow

The new Terminal 2A at Heathrow Airport, when it opens its doors on 4th June 2014, will give a sense of delight and ease to passengers which has been missing from air travel for too long. Designed by luisvidal + architects (LVA), the new terminal makes generous use of natural light, enhancing the passenger experience. Navigation is much more instinctive than is usual and, in addition, for the first time in a major UK airport, passengers will have immediate access to the gate areas, which will be within sight of the retail and catering facilities. This should reduce passenger anxiety and make travelling a more pleasant experience. luisvidal + architects has achieved this with a design which is bold in concept and rational in executio... More

Project • By Brininstool + LynchAirports

United Airlines Red Carpet Club

In collaboration with the London office of Pentagram, Brininstool + Lynch designed United Airlines’ first new lounge to be constructed in over nine years. In developing new ways to experience the airline lounge, comfort, convenience, and connectivity are brought to new and sophisticated levels, tailored to the frequent traveler. The Red Carpet Club at the north end of O’Hare’s ‘B’ Concourse literally moves the traveler away from the congestion of the terminal holding area, and brings them through a series of spaces that offer relief from airport intensity in a serene environment for work and relaxation. An abundance of natural light is created by a series of modular wood screens that wrap around the perimeter of the space, pr... More

Project • By 3DReidAirports

Farnborough Airport

International design competition win to deliver a new business aviation airport. The project includes a 35m high tower, 12,000sqm aircraft hangar and a 4,000sqm operations and headquarters building, which won a RIBA Award in 2006 Innovations & added value Innovative operations building design delivered under budget; 25,000 aluminium shingles used on the terminal which are 100% recyclable; delivered without incident or reportable lost days. Status More

Project • By AZPMLParks/Gardens

Yokohama International Port Terminal

The Yokohama International Ferry Terminal is a new type of transportation space integrated with urban facilities. Rather than conceiving of the building as an object on the pier, detached from its context, it is designed as an extension of the pier ground, simultaneously hosting the terminal functions and creating a very large urban park on the roof of the terminal. To ensure maximum urban life throughout the terminal, the building is organised around a circulation system which challenges both the linear structure characteristic of piers, and the directionality of the circulation, using a series of programmatically-specific interlocking circulation loops designed to produce an uninterrupted and multi-directional space, rather than a con... More