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Project • By Espero BVArt Galleries

De Adelberg Cultural Centre - Lommel

Cultureel Centrum De Adelberg has been an urban cultural centre and meeting place in the heart of the Belgian town of Lommel for over twenty-five years. As a cultural organisation, they offer a broad variety of activities, ranging from theatre, music, and dance to language and computer courses, lectures, and yoga classes. The centre also boasts a cinema with daily screenings and a gallery for art exhibitions.     The challenge for the architect:  Cultureel Centrum De Adelberg wants to be a ‘home for everyone’ and serve as a hub for all kinds of cultural experiences in the city and surrounding region. However, the building was no longer up to standard for a cultural centre. It was high time, therefore, that they... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsTheaters

China National Centre for the Performing Arts

More than 17,700 square feet of metal mesh that shimmers in shades of gold was developed by GKD for the National Grand Theater. Impressively cloaking the inner façade of the theater's main hall, a custom construction of Baltic stainless-steel mesh was also used to clad 123 pillars. More

Project • By Dam & Partners ArchitectenConcert Halls

Renovation Nationale Opera

 The the foyer of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, originally designed by architect Cees Dam in 1986, has been renewed. Dam & Partners Architecten is responsible for the design of the new foyer in collaboration with Richard Hutten Studio, who designed the custom furniture. In separate phases, the public toilets were renovated, the storage cellar was transformed into an education center and the public foyer was completely renovated. The aim of the renovations is to offer the program to a wider and more diverse audience. One of the starting points in the design is to facilitate a better reception of visitors and a better connection between the various functions in the building and the wishes and requirements of our time. In or... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsConcert Halls

HonarShahre Aftab Cineplex & Cultural Center

One of the main goals in designing the complex as a social hub is the human interactions and celebrating the artistic and cultural events. The intent is to create a cultural gathering place that can facilitate communication between the whole part of society which led to more citizens’-cultural conversation.  The lobby is the connecting element of the halls serving as the focal point of the complex.  It has the ability to play variety of roles, including concerts, artistic and cultural events. The multifunctionality of this large space has been enhanced by adding two elements which are a bridge and a communal seating. The proposed bridge not only balance the scale of the space but also perform as a spine which various space... More

Project • By ayami takada architectsConcert Halls

Multi-Ifunctional Hall

Our design proposal for the Multifunctional Hall / Congress Center, pays special attention to makes a flow of people, connects with the city and reflects the scenery. The facade makes the inside and outside visible like a waterfront. The building realizes the fascinated scenery of the mountains and the waterfront of the city. By the beautiful scenery and the outdoor space such as the roof and terrace, the unique complex is connected to the city. Inside, you can experience the space like going around the natural terrain. The reflective ceiling is also a screen that abstracts the activity of people and the surrounding landscape, as if the landscape were reflected on the water surface. By opening the sliding walls, theater performances can... More

Project • By Atelier Silhouette Urbaine - ASUrCinemas

Les Sources

The architect, Henri Chauvet, designed a unique building in 1986 to fit the cinema “Le Scarron” and the theatre “Les Sources”. Our analysis of the current building showed that the public and the pedestrians don’t notice these facilities mainly due to the architecture.   Our proposal extends the entrance hall to the square in front of the building inviting people inside. The newly ramps help identifying the two different facilities and simplify the circulation of people. The elegant designed and the setting of our proposal unify the building with its environment. Today people notice the building and feel attracted inside.   We used a contemporary reflecting material on the façade to make thi... More

Project • By FlosTheaters

Teatro Sociale Sondrio

Reopened in 2015 after a long restoration, the Teatro Sociale in Sondrio (Italy) is one of the main places of culture in the city and province. A rich theatre, music and dance season enriches the local cultural landscape, all enlightened by Flos and designed by the engineer Nicola Berlucchi from the Studio Berlucchi. The Teatro Sociale is also available for associations and individuals, as well as for the organization of events, conventions and conferences. An ad hoc space for events is located in the basement has recently been added to the overall offer. The store offers a particular space use, all illuminated by the following Flos' luminaires: USO, IC Lights, Zeppelin and G-O.  Images: © Germano Borrelli More

Project • By HEDAuditoriums

Palo Alto High School New Performing Arts Center

Situated in close proximity to existing drama, choir and music programs, Palo Alto High School’s Performing Arts Center creates new, flexible spaces—and new opportunities—for each.   Providing community gathering and meeting areas as well as performance space, the facility is fully equipped with the latest A/V technology, and can accommodate an entire grade group for orientations, lectures and assemblies.   The exterior elevation features traditional design elements, including covered porches and arcades. Multifunctional, the gabled roof utilizes a simply conveying system to channel and discharge water, while the porches and arcades offer shading to reduce heat gain.   With construction recently... More

Project • By Luigi Valente ArchitettoTheaters

Transformation of Saint Rocco Church into Theater

The project is aimes to achieve the functional restoration of the former Saint Rocco’s church, for cultural purposes, while transforming it into a permanent theater and a multi-purpose hall.   Mildly maintained over the years, the building has been affected by general renovation works on the roof with the addition of a reinforced concrete curb stiffened by transversal steel tie rods and the replacement of the original roof with a concrete and masonry structure.   Being the building bound and of secular construction, however having a public non-religious theatrical destination from an earlier period to 1967, the works of stage adjustment, maintenance of the installations, safety and furnishing were necessary to make the h... More

Project • By Bassetti ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Natrona County High School

Originally designed to house both Casper College and Natrona County High School, the Collegiate Gothic-inspired complex was constructed between 1924 and 1927 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This project included a complete renovation of the existing 145,000-square-feet historic building and a 137,000-square-feet addition. To ensure continued occupancy during construction, the project was divided into six phases of construction spanning almost five years.The design takes its inspiration from the district’s guiding principles: a culture of empowerment, inventive learning settings, collaborative learning environments, a memorable campus, and meaningful community partnerships. The revitalized school, both histori... More

Project • By ChromedTheaters

INOX Insignia - Nehru Place

Located at Epicuria- Nehru Place, the design of this INOX is circumscribed around the innovate Art Deco Movement infused with elegant styling and opulent elements. Being the first standalone theatre commissioned by the brand, it represents an explicit statement through its sophistication of design and flamboyant symbolism.The portrayal of the Art Deco concept has been subtly utilised by simple & clean shapes, streamlined looks and geometric ornamentation. The ideology has been further amplified by subtle appreciation of the modernity of machine and machine-made objects by allowing the product to represent symmetry. In a nutshell, it can be described as a project showcasing ‘a contemporary take on traditional principles’.The entrance to... More

Project • By Haworth TompkinsBars

Bristol Old Vic

Architects Haworth Tompkins have completed a new foyer and studio theatre for the Grade I listed Bristol Old Vic, the oldest continuously working theatre in the English-speaking world. the oldest continuously working theatre in Europe. The result of five years careful research, consultation, design and construction, the project aims to open up the front of house areas to a wider, more diverse audience and to place the theatre at the heart of Bristol’s public life and public space. The foyer is conceived as an informal extension of the street, as much a covered public square as a discrete building. The space is framed and covered by structural timber and glass to bring daylight deep into the room. The centrepiece of the space... More

Project • By AntiStatics ArchitectureNurseries

Umi-Play Children’s Dramatic Arts Center

A place filled with drama and imaginationsThe UMI-play Children’s Dramatic Arts Center is a playful and imaginative educational space for children to explore and grow within the performing arts. This 550sqm interior is composed of two distinct spaces and geometries, derivative of psychological studies and research, the dual areas are designed to encourage and support different behaviors and processes of learning and development. The primary space is comprised of a fluid and natural geometry, adaptable to various performance, expressive and improvisational activities. The second space, a series of 4 adaptable classrooms are driven towards focus and concentration. These spaces have a more orthogonal organization with gentle expressive moments... More

Project • By CORE architecture + designTheaters

Lincoln Theatre Bar

The new bar discretely reveals itself within the District-owned Lincoln Theatre, without altering any of the historic elements of the Classical Revival design. The material palette blends with the original wood tones, gold trim, and plaster detailing of the theater. Located at the entrance into the main room, the bar faces the stage. To hide the bar and lighting from visibility on stage during performances, the team designed a stand-alone structured screen. Located directly behind the sound and lighting control riser, this screen element is comprised of a three-part, wooden architrave with velvet drapery. Equipped with two well stations and an illuminated back bar bottle display, the bar is designed to serve guests within the main room as w... More

Project • By Studio GangMasterplans

Northerly Island

Northerly Island transforms a man-made peninsula on Chicago’s lakefront into a 91- acre living ecosystem, a public park only twenty-first century knowledge could build. The design embraces the island’s artificiality and uses the occasion to construct a topography and landscape that will encourage wildlife to occupy it—over time, creating an amplified, biodiverse ecology whose various habitats and architectural features offer people multiple ways to engage directly with nature without leaving the city. Studio Gang’s design for Northerly Island was developed as part of a comprehensive framework plan in collaboration with the US Army Corp of Engineers and JJR Smith Group. The framework plan envisions a series of environmental enhancement... More