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Project • By dmp arquitecturaOffices


Located in the Estado de Mexico, Torre Profasa is located at 8 Circuito Circunvalación Poniente Avenue, perpendicular to Manuel Avila Camacho Blvd. The project is located in 334.80sq.m. area with 10m x 33.40m borders.   The volume of rectangular features is proposed from a very simple scheme in which office modules are distributed over 4 levels and are articulated through a vertical circulation core arranged within a lighting yard covered with vegetation. This situation gives the offices a sense of spaciousness and privacy in the other spaces. In addition, its orientation allows the greatest reception of natural light during working hours.   Accessibility is an important element of the project since the roads where the... More

Project • By VertebralPrivate Houses


A house built for a garden. Through a slowly developing dark ramp, a young Jacaranda tree bathes in sunlight. Bamboo and ferns disguise the boundaries of the plot, and in it, a continuous concrete core is born in the foundations and rises three levels. Floating slabs wrapped in glass extend from the core. Spaces open and merge with the gardens that surround them, blurring the line between interior and exterior.   A house where every detail was designed. A residence that ages with dignity like the weeping willow that rests by the water, embracing the passage of time.   The path to the ground level floor begins the process of entering an urban house amongst nature. The ground floor allocates the public program of the residence.... More

Project • By Arista CeroPrivate Houses

Tribu Tulum

TRIBU is a group of 21 departments located within the Luum Zamá complex in the jungle of Tulum,Quintana Roo. The project seeks to respect and adapt to the natural context as well as to generate an interior-exterior connection in a timely manner.   The proposal is developed in 4 outdated towers integrated to the land which are arranged around a central courtyard, which works as a transition from public to private areas. This arrangement of volumes allowed us to house all units and respect 50% of the vegetation of the land.   The access is through two stone walls on which a wooden structure rests and generates a portico with views of the central patio. In the center, a Ceiba tree is raised and functions as a pivot to give... More

Project • By estudio AM arquitectosPrivate Houses

Golondrinas 34 House

Golondrinas 34 house was proyected with the intention of a compromise between the interior’s public areas and the light enriching gardens, crossed ventilation and visual finishing touches. Simplicity in colours and the use of only a few materials reflect a refined design, distinguishing the proyect in general seeking that occupants and greenery bring life to the house.   From the hall’s access you can see a rock at the back of the land serving as the pool’s header; mouldy and fern-covered it gives the garden that moistness sensation and the character of a unique element that has been there before the construction of everything that surrounds it. The kitchen as a social area is integrated with the living room and the... More

Project • By Studio ArquitectosApartments

AldeaKa’a Tulum

Local materials, textures, senses and naturemerge together in 2 main patios to become the core of this project.   The main objective of AldeaKa’ais to create a solution for the current situation in Tulum: the city has become more popular over the years and the vacation housing demand has increased. Nowadays, the developers are more focused on vacation rental houses and have left locals aside.   After we identified the necessity of residential housing, we designed a project to meet the needs of the locals with an architectural design equal to any other complex aimed for tourists.   The project is divided in 4 units that are connected by 2 common areas or patios that create air circulation, privacy and natural light... More

Project • By Arista CeroPrivate Houses

Casa Country

A resting residence house designed on a single floor for a retired couple and their guests. This house was built on a regular 20 m lot on each side located in a Golf club in the city of Mérida. The architectural response on a single level was an important piece that allowed to obtain an additional 10% of land occupation (COS) and take advantage of the native trees that were already on the site. With the idea of compacting what was built and meeting the particular request to optimize the user, a 17m front x 14m deep module was designed forming a piece of 238m2.   The center of the project is the dining room, which opens in the form of a cross to the room, kitchen, study-guest bedroom and terrace-pool. We worked with the heights... More

Project • By CPDA ArquitectosPrivate Houses


CASA KUTZ is a single-family project located within the Yucatán Country Club in Mérida, Yucatán. Designed to function as a holiday home and as a second home for the client and his extended family, the concept was to make a practical space of low maintenance, where private and social spaces could be separated and operated in isolation. In a plot of 1200 m2 of trapezoidal form, with two fronts towards the street, it has 800 m2 of construction. Being located in a city with an extreme climate, all the details regarding the sun were taken care of, always looking to protect from the west and to have openings in the volumetry according to the solar path with the intention of providing all the areas with cross ventilation; through terraces and... More

Project • By PPAA - Pérez Palacios Arquitectos AsociadosPrivate Houses

Aculco House

The Aculco project is a holiday home completely isolated in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature. It is the ideal place to get in contact with our most elemental states, and get some rest from modern living in a natural environment, that has some impressive cliffs close by. The place was found by two brothers who love outdoor activities while they were in a rock-climbing trip. The Aculco project was ordered by them a couple of years after they bought the area and reforested it. The architectural project was mainly guided by the qualities of the environment, so we sought to establish a reciprocal dialogue between the construction and its natural surroundings. We went for simplicity, minimal need of maintenance, and intimacy with the pa... More

Project • By AmezcuaShops

Tomorrowland Tailors

“Super Servicio Lomas” located on Pedregal # 24, one block from two of the most important thoroughfares of Mexico City, Periferico and Av. Paseo de la Reforma, was one of the first multifunctional buildings that were built in the city. The project, designed by architect Vladimir Kaspé, opened in November 1948, with the intention to integrate a car dealership, gas station and retail spaces into a single building.The neighborhood, originally intended for commercial use, soon became an office area, displacing the residential sector. The building closed its doors in 2007, leading to an almost complete demolition in 2010, to later develop “Torre Virreyes”, a 25 level construction by architect Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon. This new building has an au... More



TAM and OLA are members of a high stool family made by nature lovers that are experts in solid wood; its organic cut highlights the veins of tzalam, oak and ash, giving the sensation of movement and the richness of different topographies in each piece of impeccable quality.Descendants of an extraordinary family, Tam stools are grown to 65 cm in height, multiplying in a garden of possibilities while preserving in their genetic makeup the beauty of ash or tzalam wood. Its radiant design has become an icon in kitchens, restaurants, bars, bistros, cafes, and spaces with a creative spirit. More



TAM and OLA are members of a high stool family made by nature lovers that are experts in solid wood; its organic cut highlights the veins of tzalam, oak and ash, giving the sensation of movement and the richness of different topographies in each piece of impeccable quality.The peaceful movement of a wave flows by the stylized lines of the stools, refreshing in its organic design made with tzalam wood or oak inked in black. Qualities such as definition, symmetry and proportion, allows the OLA STOOLS to be a pleasant contrast to tables and low bars in kitchens, restaurants, bars and endless spaces and ideas of the imagination. More

Project • By Jorge Bolio ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Montebello 321

The house is located north of the city of Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula, in a residential area that is growing. In an lot with generous dimensions (approximately 1,460m2) the program is sprayed in several volumes, increasing the surfaces of the facades to generate greater contact with the outside and provide natural light and ventilation into the house. These volumes are laid out in the southern part of the site, open to the north and allowing a large open recreation space for the family to the north, privileged by an indirect natural light and fresh air ventilation from the sea. The lower level is organized through stone volumes that contain the social spaces. Between these volumes the space seeps leading to the general circulation, and... More

Project • By Fernanda CanalesCultural Centres

Elena Garro Cultural Center

The project, located in Coyoacán, is an adaptation of an existing house, a listed building from early-20th century- which was transformed into a cultural center on Fernández Leal street. The need to preserve the existing property led to the decision that the project would highlight the new uses and, at the same time, respect the original shell. Thus, the project consists of several elements that define the intervention: a first part which marks the entrance, a kind of frame, linking the building with the street and highlighting the existing house; secondly, a series of gardens and courtyards surrounding the project and inserted inside; and, finally, a rectangular volume at the back of the site, developed on three levels, consisting of a mul... More

Project • By DIN interiorismoOffices

Summit AM

The first challenge in this project was the rescue of a deteriorated building, with very poor design and construction specifications, from the mid 80s. A priority was to restore the structure failures in order to incorporate the areas needed by the company. The building had a total of 1,300 sq m constructed and Sumit AM program required: reception area, two showrooms, two terraces, two operative areas with 15 workstations each, two executive offices with a shared area for the assistant and an executive floor with conference room, bar & TV room, gym and bathroom. Two main activities were identified in the operation of the company, and this is why it was very important to divide the spaces considering the daily operation areas in combi... More

Project • By Creativos en CarpinteríaPrivate Houses

Woodwork at Loma Larga House

The elegant front door is manufactured of tzalam wood, while interior furniture, bookcases, details on handrails, the ceiling, bathroom furniture is manufactured in ash wood. More