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NewsMaterialization • 3 Aug 2020

Say No Mo challenges traditional concepts of ‘beauty’ through design

Say No Mo is a conceptually new format for a salon. Designed by balbek bureau, a traditional perceptions of a beauty salon – and its gender distinctions – are erased. For example, at the heart of the design is a bar used for both beauty s... More

NewsNews • 25 Jun 2020

Kyiv’s best restaurants drawn together within a revitalized industrial artefact

The new Kyiv Food Market is located inside a former military arsenal building dating from the end of the 18th century. Once a cold and empty space, it is now a meeting place that draws together Kyiv’s best restaurants under one roof. The concep... More

Project • By Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsOffices

Tween Coexistence

Tween Coexistence is a project of business park hall, absolutely white, that incorporates accurately defined functioning fluidity and provides form curvature expression by shadow transitions. The purpose of reception desk transforms into waiting zone... More

Project • By ater.architectsApartments


This compact apartment of 65 sq.m has been designed for a young couple whose main desire was to get the most light and minimalistic space possible.   That is why, we transformed the initial fractional layout with many separate rooms and corrid... More

Project • By Michael SamorizRestaurants

Milk & Pink ice cream and yogurt cafe

A fragment of the defensive wall with bastion - all that remains of the old city fortifications fortress Stanislau in today's Ivano-Frankivsk. The fortress was founded in 1662 Kiev governor A. Potocki project F. Korassini. The fortifications... More

Project • By SVOYA studioApartments

Miracle morning

Miracle Morning is apartment with unique philosophy, was discussed on first meet with SVOYA STUDIO. The accent is morning the most important time of the day and sun (like a symbol of sunrise) we can see in some elements of apartment. Even in small ha... More

Project • By Bogdanova BureauPrivate Houses


Forest and city, nature and technology - they became the basics that architects of Bogdanova Bureau had taken to create a “Good Life” private house project. Natural wood in contrast to the cold marble slab are the main materials used in the interior.... More

Project • By ater.architectsHospitals


DOCTOR U is a two-room children's outpatient clinic, located in a new residential complex in Kyiv.Our main task was to create an atypical atmosphere for the medical institution, which does not leave negative memories in children and thus does no... More

Project • By ater.architectsBars


PUNKRAFT is a craft beer bar just around the corner of a historic pedestrian street in Podol, the Kyiv downtown. This basement spot, packed with craft beer fans these days, used to host a cocktail bar.Our task was to change the schematic layout of th... More

Project • By Zooi interior studioBars

Papa cake

Papa cake is the brand new design project created by Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voitov, head designers of ZOOI interior studio.A refined, compact and innovative design for a bakery equipped with every comfort to give customers a satisfactory service... More

Project • By dmitryman.comIndividual Buildings

Kitchen island studio created the new concept of straight kitchen island. Natural materials, natural colors, green line of grass harmoniously unite and create simple, linear, solid composition. Big mass of stone and wood composition meets the most min... More

Project • By dmitryman.comApartments

Modern apartment

This modern showroom created by for Ukrainian building company Bartolomeo RT. Natural materials, natural colors, space and functionality harmoniously unite and create freedom and serenity. Wooden floors, veneer furniture, plaster, natur... More


AIR Apartment

This project was developed for one of the real estate agencies to represent the interior concept for possible future clients. More

Project • By Arch. Ruslan LukashchukPrivate Houses

"Grazhda" House

Location: Kyiv, UkraineArea: 255 m2Year: 2018Principles and decisions made in the project.1. Priority of the site (the main value of suburban accommodation is site). The house is designed with a rational approach to the site. Buildings are concentrat... More

Project • By BezmirnoHousing

Forest House

This house was designed and integrated in a forest near Kyiv, Ukraine. On the site located two houses - main and guest, which are united by basin. Natural materials such as slate and wood were used in the decoration of buildings.An accent in the... More