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Product • By HOOKL und STOOLLipa Armchair

Lipa Armchair

Lipa armchair is characterized by exceptional lightness, transparency and tenderness. Hence the name of the collection by the type of the tree linden-Lipa, which is exceptionally soft and gentle wood. The characteristic of this armchair is the three-... More

Product • By HOOKL und STOOLLasta Armchair

Lasta Armchair

Inspired by the characteristic V position and the shape of the armrest which consists of two parts separated by the joint edge, which associates with the swallow’s tail, this armchair was named Lasta (‘lasta’ is a swallow in Serbian... More

Product • By HOOKL und STOOLSila Armchair

Sila Armchair

The armchair with emphasized three-dimensional forms of the characteristic spherical seat and backrest made of a fiberglass substructure that is coated with layers of HR sponge, upholstered from the outside in the finest thin leather with decorative... More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaBugatti


Bugatti ha tutte le qualità per essere la protagonista degli spazi home & contract. Lo spessore del cuscino imbottito crea un contrasto elegante con le linee sottili della struttura che sostiene una confortevole seduta rivestita in pelle,... More

Product • By ItalcollectionsAlter Ego armchair

Alter Ego armchair

Alterego has a twofold character determined by its distinctive design. The trapezoidal structure of the wood structure stands against the sinuous curves of the upholstered seat creating an intriguing contrast between the two.The wood structure i... More

Product • By KnightsbridgeAlfie Chair

Alfie Chair

Alfie, designed by award-winning British designer Sean Dare, is inspired by the 1960s film of the same name. The lounge chair features angular lines complemented with a masculine finish, making it the perfect standalone feature for a meeting room or... More

Product • By Billiani srlSpy


Spy is an extensive and complete collection of chairs, armchairs, tables and coffee tables. Its leitmotif is the design of the leg, which tapers and is slightly splayed. The stylistic feature is the design of the body, with its rounded shoulders fold... More

Product • By Billiani srlHippy


Three years after their debut collaboration with Croissant, Billiani and Emilio Nanni undertook a new upholstered chair, with a choice of turned beechwood or a metal base. The craftsmanship is expressed here in the upholstery work, where the seams cr... More

Product • By Lambert KampsFat Furniture

Fat Furniture

Fat shaped Furniture, inspired by the rising rates of obesity in Western consumer societies. The sometimes strange shaped human bodies, was the inspiration for furniture with an obese look. More

Product • By OrsitaliaCANOVA


Canova is a modern upholstered bespoke sofa in fabric with metal details completely produced in Italy by Orsitalia. Contemporary and glamourus sofas, loveseats and armchair of Canova’s collection have been thought by Orsitalia’s Young Designer M... More

Product • By AliasHäberli chairs collections

Häberli chairs collections

ERICE & ENNA With his erice chair, Alfredo Häberli revisits the essential style and clean lines of his segesta and selinunte collection to create a new shape, with a personality of its own. A distinctive trait is the hole in the back, which ensures... More

Product • By Vanerum StelterHarvest


The classroom is increasingly becoming a collaborative and interactive space. Interactive learning experiences enhance student’s understanding of the material by engaging more of their senses. Mobile and versatile, Harvest is a multipurpose bench tha... More


Just Me & Just Us

Design by Drisag Alone or together, always a private space for a conversation. Just Me and Just Us fit perfectly into reception lobbies or open plan offices. By putting two seatings facing each other, a space is created where one can take place. Y... More

Product • By CorSinus


Sinus is a modern classic from 1976 which was already ahead of its time when it was first launched. With rocking spring steel skids whose shape give the chair its name, as well as unusual upholstery. The round seat and back upholstery elements are he... More


BeA Bench

Design by Beel & Achtergael The BeA Bench is a waiting bench program. Each element can be individually upholstered in fabric, leather and artificial leather. You can easily fasten the seating and table element to the base elements of the BeA B... More