Design that sits well. Seating and upholstered furniture by COR beautifies homes and hotels all over the world Since 1954, people have recognised our models by their forward-looking design. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about them is their celebrated seating comfort. A tailor-made suit is perfect if it sits impeccably. Carefully designed furniture should be in no way inferior. The designers, technicians, craftsmen, upholsterers and cutters at our manufactory in Rheda-Wiedenbrück all work to this end. As distinct as the individual designs are, they extend an invitation to feel at ease and communicate. Upholstered suites, chairs, easy chairs and sofa beds: each model is a unique creation for which high-quality upholstery materials and covers are made from fabric and leather. They impress with their beauty and feel, as well as their durability and light fastness. And for extra-special requirements we simply develop a new model. Why we are good partners to architects and hoteliers? As a full-service operation, COR covers the entire process from design and manufacturing to professional installation. We already completed our eco-audit in 1996, and our design classic Conseta has been awarded the "Blue Angel" eco-label. We want you to feel at ease. Best of all, just make yourself comfortable.
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