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NewsNews • 30 Jul 2021

Jong-Am Square in Seoul reinvents neglected urban space beneath an overpass with a spatially dynamic community centre

Due to the rapid economic development of Seoul, areas under critical infrastructure elements such as railways, bridges and overpasses have over the years been built with inadequate attention to the surrounding urban context and environment. As such, these ‘left over’ and neglected spaces often become dumping sites for rubbish or car parking. In 2017, Seoul Metropolitan Government promoted a development plan to expand social infrastructure and local community facilities by making better use of such spaces. Six pilot project sites were selected, including the area underneath the Jongam-dong Overpass. The site now hosts a new community centre and shelter by Simplex Architecture. Kyungsub Shin The segmented massing of the new... More

NewsNews • 6 Apr 2021

APROP Ciutat Vella offers a strategic solution to gentrification in Barcelona

The APROP Ciutat Vella project in Barcelona is the first building designed and built through the Close Proximity Temporary Housing Program (APROP), an initiative promoted by Barcelona City to counter the ongoing gentrification of the city. The program strives to provide more democratic and affordable housing solutions with strategies such as developing properties that have not fulfilled their potential buildability or redesignating excessively large public places that could be better utilized as housing.   Adria Goula Designed by Straddle 3 Architects and constructed with shipping containers, APROP Ciutat Vella will temporarily house neighbourhood residents who have suffered an eviction. The use of shipping containers for the bui... More

NewsNews • 9 Mar 2021

A unique succession of interior and exterior rooms unfolds at the Arts Centre nOna in Mechelen

Embedded in medieval urban fabric, the new extension to the Arts centre nOna in Mechelen is a succession of interior and exterior rooms, each with a unique materiality and atmosphere. Sergio Pirrone Responding to a patchwork of garden walls, sheds and medieval alleyways, three patios conceived as urban ‘rooms’ have been created by dmvA Architecten around a new theatre hall and a forum, which offers experience similar to that of a covered market hall. Sergio Pirrone The first patio is situated between the alleyway and the front desk, connecting the main street to the inner area. The large patio is an extension of the forum and the long patio gives access to the artists’ foyer at the back. Wide openings blur the... More

NewsNews • 18 Jan 2021

Boutique condominium development in Washington DC engages the street with playful façade design

In the Columbia Heights neighbourhood of Washington, DC, Kozo is a boutique condominium development that playfully blends nature with the built environment. Kuhn Architect An urban infill project by P.T. Blooms Development and Jonathan Kuhn Architect, the eight-unit development offers the opportunity to live in a walkable neighbourhood close to many city amenities. And with a mind to engaging the urban realm, the building’s distinctive façade features playfully staggered, black-framed balconies that project from a white masonry façade, resulting in a clean and modern look with contrast in both colour and depth. The interplay of balconies versus void further provides visual interest and a sense of engagement with th... More

NewsNews • 6 Jan 2021

Scouting philosophy informs green infill project in Buenos Aires

On an 8,66 meter-wide plot within the urban fabric of a low-density Buenos Aires neighborhood, this building by architects BAAG – Buenos Aires Arquitectura Grupal is a versatile and inclusive space for use by young scouts.  BAAG + Javier Agustín Rojas In line with scouting’s nature-oriented philosophy, sustainability plays a key role in the design with materials and means of production chosen with the circular economy in mind. Further to this, nature and its surroundings are felt throughout the interior in part thanks to a dynamic envelope of plants that changes throughout the year and creates a shifting urban setting. BAAG + Javier Agustín Rojas A key challenge was to create a new urban image for... More

Project • By Phaedrus StudioShops


While designed for a specific client and a site with opportune zoning and planning, Hi-Lo Hybrid tackles a prevailing narrow lot condition along Toronto's main streets. Despite the demand for increased density and housing options on these existing transit and mixed-use corridors, they remain largely underdeveloped, including an estimated 250km composed of existing single-family homes reinforced by low-rise residential zoning and planning. Outdated zoning and current planning policies limit the range of infill opportunities, driving homogenous stacked townhouse forms, as well as outsized mid-rise developments and retail spaces requiring long term lot assembly. Over time these development models become further entrenched. Hi-Lo Hybrid demonst... More

NewsNews • 11 Dec 2020

La Doyenne intimately integrated into its historic Montreal surroundings

Located in the high-density built environment of Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood, La Doyenne by naturehumaine Architects is a renovation and expansion of a Victorian house dating from 1887. Intimately integrated into its surroundings and ensuring living space privacy, the project features a continuous interior spatiality over four storeys that accentuates interactions between different parts of the house. Raphaël Thibodeau While allowing for plentiful natural light via skylights and stairwells, the exterior envelope is otherwise designed to be largely closed and introverted. The upper volume is clad with aluminium product Longboard. An exception is a screen of steel blades that shields the front bedroom window.   R... More

Project • By Black RabbitShops

The Cove

The first Cove clothing retail store was designed on a vacant urban infill parking lot located in the heart of Austin's South Congress (SoCo) shopping district. Large butt-glazed glass panels were used to take advantage of the views of the site's beautiful live oak trees and connect to the surrounding pedestrian traffic. More

Project • By Lutolli Architects + PartnersShops

Orchard AU

Lutolli Architects+Partners was invited in 2018 to design and transform an empty urban corner in Brookvale with a Mixed-Use Building. The project has just been released for the Australian market!Client: J.M.G.M Architect: Lutolli Architects+PartnersArea: 4' 074 m2Location: Brookvale, AU More