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Project • By OOIIO ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Tornado House

Tornado House is located in a quiet residential area of Madrid capital. It is a domestic project tailor designed to a family with two children. Javier de Paz Javier de Paz Everything is though for them, every space and detail. During the home design and construction process all decisions always started from listening to the needs of those who would be the inhabitants of the house, in order to be able to give the closest possible response to their tastes, budget, way of life, aspirations... That is why Tornado is actually like a suit, a true "taylor-made house". Javier de Paz Javier de Paz Its architecture is simple and emphatic, as well as purely functional and practical. Its carefully composed prismatic volumes stand... More

Project • By SimpleyfácilShops

Ford Country Motors

This project juxtaposes two totally different design concepts that are integrated into an ambitious unfinished project that will culminate in the erection of an apartment tower within an investment plan established by the property's owners. The original façade follows the architectural guidelines established by Ford for its dealerships throughout Mexico based on the installation of a composite aluminum panel in a natural or silver finish that Simpleyfácil installed with Alucoflex brand inputs. Rosendo De la Torre Combination of shapes and textures In contrast, we find a very original façade in its design that repeats a pattern made up of flat and projected shapes that intersperse gray with silver tones. The com... More

NewsNews • 6 Apr 2023

Anthracite House by K2LD Architects offers a sensitive response to the Indonesian climate

Located on a residential street in Indonesia, Anthracite House by Singapore-based firm K2LD Architects responds to the client's desire for a calming and restoring abode where they can enjoy the tropical weather while benefitting from natural daylight and cross-ventilation.  Melanie Tanusetiawan From the street, the house appears as a singular metallic volume floating over the land. The site's shape allows for two longitudinal bars to be designed across the site, connected by a linkway and sculptural staircase. Beyond the façade and 6-meter high boundary walls clad with vegetation, The lawn at the ground storey opens up to a water courtyard at the basement level. The sound of water falling from the ground level to... More

Product • By BendheimVentilated Glass Facade Systems

Ventilated Glass Facade Systems

Bendheim's Ventilated Glass Facade Systems protect structures and/or occupants from wind-driven rain, snow, and ice, while maintaining natural ventilation and daylight advantages, where applicable. Ideal for non-conditioned spaces, including stadiums, transit stations, building crowns, exterior stairwells & elevator towers, pedestrian bridges, aboveground parking facilities, and more. A thoughtfully designed ventilated / secondary glass facade can also become a budget-smart way to create an extremely complex exterior geometry, achieving slopes, dramatic angles, and curves not easily constructible with your primary walls. More

Product • By BendheimGlass Parking Facades

Glass Parking Facades

Bendheim's Ventilated Glass Parking Facades comprise a range of fully customizable systems that can be specified with decorative flat glass or 3D / U-shaped channel glass. The functional, jewel-like glass facades instantly elevate the design of above-ground parking structures. By eliminating the need for mechanical ventilation and preserving daylighting, they also lower operational energy usage. From energy savings, to the ability to eliminate carbon-heavy steel sub-structures, to bird-friendly glass options, these parking facades are a sustainable choice. More



Ventilated façade system with large-format porcelain panel covering.   It differs from other systems in the use of a dual fixing system:  a chemical one using high-performance polyurethane putty  and a mechanical one using stainless steel clips that ensure  the union of the porcelain panels and the facade’s metallic structure.   PORCELANOSA Grupo’s rectified porcelain panel panels are characterized by very low water absorption, lower than 0.1% as per UNE-EN ISO 10545-3, manufactured by dry pressing at about 450 kg/cm², production by single firing at maximum temperature of 1220 °C and back-meshed with fiberglass mesh to prevent fragments from falling in case of breakage. In t... More

NewsNews • 3 Sep 2021

House in Huerta de Rey by Mecanismo uses simple materials to address its modest village surroundings

Huerta de Rey is located in the Spanish province of Burgo, which is known for its small villages in the process of depopulation. This trend has given rise to vacation spots that, outside prime tourist times, take on a melancholic serenity. This house, designed by Mecanismo, address its context by integrating into the sleepy rural environment that surrounds it.  Adrián Vázquez The site is located between two streets that bound it to the north and south. These two streets are situated at different heights with the north street three meters above the south street below. Adrián Vázquez The house is accessed along the northern streetside boundary. A buffer is created on this façade with the use... More

Project • By OFFTECOffices

Open City Palermo

New Administrative Centre of the Sicilian Region in Italy More

NewsNews • 21 May 2021

Madrid’s SMG Church by Ramon Fernandez-Alonso combines varying urban contexts

In San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, this compact building for hybrid use of the SMG Church responds to two very different realities and contexts. The first context is that of the valley, where the church generates a volume in response to neighbouring commercial facilities, along with large commercial and leisure containers. The second context is the urban fabric of the surrounding residential city to which the church exposes its program of classrooms and houses. The exterior maintains a rhythm and proportion of openings that resemble the buildings that it faces.  Jesus Granada A project by Ramon Fernandez-Alonso, a varied interior program is developed into size different areas. These include the church, made up of the nave or... More

Project • By ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia VielSocial Housing

Cascina Merlata Lot R7/2

- The latest social housing development designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel brings affordability to Milan while improving livability on the city’s outskirts - International architecture and design firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) unveils its latest social housing complex in the Cascina Merlata district of Milan. The Cascina Merlata Lot R7/2 project is part of an ensemble of residential buildings designed by some of the most well-known Italian architects, and follows the Cascina Merlata masterplan conceived by ACPV in 2011. The new buildings have obtained a class A rating thanks to their energy-efficient design and low-energy impact. The building is expected to open for residents in March 2021. Located just a stone&r... More

Project • By KOMPROMENTExhibition Centres

Kornets hus

The Jutland region, with its diversity of landscapes and long history, is in many ways the most continental region in Denmark. Hjørring has some of the oldest traces of settlements nationally and an established cultural landscape.The Kornets Hus – or grain house, is the realisation of a new centre for the dissemination of the region’s rich food and farming culture. Located on the land of an existing farm and bakery, the new inspiration centre will offer visitors, locals and employees alike a facility for activity based learning centered around the importance of grain both to Jutland and human civilization. The building is organized around a simple and flexible plan, which allows for a wide variety of activities and functi... More

Project • By MUS ARCHITECTSOffices

Pivexin Technology HQ - office building and wareh

The aim of the project was to develop a comprehensive vision of the new headquarters of Pivexin Technology. MUS ARCHITECTS, T.Zakrzewski The designed space consists of an office building with social facilities, a warehouse and the land around the buildings including a driveway, parking area and decorative greenery. MUS ARCHITECTS, T.Zakrzewski ARCHITECTURAL COMPOSITION Although the office building and the warehouse serve different functions, they needed to be connected to each other (due to the company’s activity). Therefore, we have merged the structures of both buildings and created a coherent and functional system of independent elements – one cuboidal block that includes different types of spaces. The outer ski... More

Project • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsRestaurants

Alquería Gourmet Market

More than 1900 square metres of ventilated facade cladding system with perforated polymer concrete panels and a exclusive design created for this project.Last December, the new La Alquería Market was opened in Dos Hermanas (Seville, Spain). This gourmet market is a catering and culinary establishment with different gourmet proposals, located in a four-story building with an innovative design.The SR Arquitectos studio, run by the architect Manuel E. Sánchez-Ramos, was responsible for designing the building. We spoke to him to get his opinion on the final result of the collaboration with ULMA.FUSION BETWEEN TRADITION AND INNOVATION Thanks to the customization possibilities offered by the polymer concrete and ULMA's Creaktive ra... More

Project • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsSecondary Schools

Altzaga School

The facade of the Altzaga School, in Leioa, was restored with our Paper texture in black.This restoration project aimed to respond to the detachment problems present on the existing facades along the ground floor. It was also intended to maintain the building's original aesthetics and horizontal design, for which the CenergITE Bizkaia architecture studio, responsible for the project, decided to opt for polymer concrete. Changing phyllite stone for polymer concreteThe paper texture and the colour were chosen in order to provide continuity to the previous aesthetics, resembling natural stone. In addition, the polymer concrete solution was lighter than the phyllite stone used previously, making it an ideal material for the proje... More

Project • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsSports Centres

Fronton Miribilla

The Casa del Deporte y Frontón Bizkaia, also known as the Frontón de Miribilla is a professional pelota court located in the Miribilla neighbourhood of Bilbao. It was inaugurated in 2011 and with its 3,000 seats it is the largest pelota court in Spain.The need to restore its facade arose after some parts fell to the ground. After several analyses, it was determined that we needed to replace all the parts of the façade and the fastening system installed. We removed all the slate slabs and anchoring, to then install a new grid on which the new ULMA polymer concrete panels were installed.ULMA ventilated façade solution with polymer concrete panels The ventilated facade solution is a system that leaves an air chamber be... More