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Project • By superspaceFarms


a predominantly urban nation since 2011, china challenges with the problems of dense urbanization, industrialization, air pollution, and climate change.  a declining farming population with implications to food security is not doing any good. uplife makes the most of urban and rural living in a strong and happy vertical farming community with the help of technology blended into architecture. uplife is a prototype hybrid project for a “vertical intelligent community” that embodies digitally enhanced technologies integrated into architecture in response to an ongoing phenomenon of climate change, air pollution, and thus life expectancy in densely populated cities in Asia. in this respect, the first ten floors of this 28... More

Project • By superspaceResidential Landscape

nyc farmy

with the global population expected to reach 9.8billion by 2050, food demand will be %60 more than it is today, and climate change, urbanization, soil degradation will not help any, in addition to water shortages, and pollution. it will not do any good losing farmers into city life either. we need to come to our senses before it is too late and we need to act now!  superspace   Hudson River was where the Highline roughly stands now when explorer Henry Hudson arrived in 1609, long before the city started selling ‘water lots’ which developers rushed to buy some of the Hudson rivers to turn into factories, warehouses, and living quarters for immigrants. the area of the project was as important as fishing, hunt... More

Project • By van Bergen Kolpa architectsFarms

Agrotopia - van Bergen Kolpa Architects + Meta architectuurbureau

Rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia is Europe’s largest research centre for urban food production. Filippo Rossi With its faceted glass facades, monumental entrance staircase and stacking of functions, Agrotopia gives a striking architectural appearance to horticulture on the roofs of the city. The innovative building is an example for future food production in the city, intensive use of space, circular energy and water use and making greenhouse horticulture more sustainable. Agrotopia is built on the roof of the vegetable and fruit auction REO on the ring road of Roeselare; the logistics heart of West Flanders for fruit and vegetables. With a spectacular view of the wider area and the city, urban horticulture on industrial roofs is g... More

Project • By NatufiaShops

INSIDE Furniture

This project is of our collaboration with Inside furniture store located in Estonia. The effortlessly beautiful design combines both contemprary elements and an integration of the space with our Natufia Smart Kitchen Garden. More

Project • By NatufiaRestaurants

Flow Dubai

The sustainability orientated cafe in Dubai has integrated the Natufia Smart Kitchen Garden into their space in order to grow microgreens for fresh produce. This resulted in a reduction of purchased fresh-produce by 20%, let alone the alleviated environmental impact.  More

Project • By NatufiaUrban Green Spaces

Wellness Kitchen

An integration of our Natufia Smart Kitchen Garden in a revolutionary wellness kitchen designed by renown Vera Iconica Architecture. This project was completed in the Floridian community of Lake Nona. More