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Project • By CE-A Studio + Carlo EzechieliPrivate Houses

SR House

SR house is a double level single-family house, built inside a longitudinal parcel that stretches in North-South direction. The presence of the railway line towards the South and the absence of buildings towards the North makes the site a perfect visual axis towards the Alps: a characteristic that may be helplessly lost, through building. The project is therefore developed following to the aim of reproducing the same axis inside the house, according to a sort of “visual introversion” principle. The resulting design is a building whose angles are metaphorically “subtracted” in order to allow the access of sunlight, directing views and defining buffer spaces between the inside and the outside. The double hight interior... More

Project • By Camillo Botticini ArchitectPrivate Houses

Alps Villa

This house is located in a clearing among the trees, at an altitude of 700 meters, near the "Passo del Cavallo", where you can see a place near but at the same time far from the urban area just below.   The relationship with the ground and the landscape are the materials that construct the project: with the ground it operates a principle of rooting towards the slope to the north, where the house seems to bite the mountain, while it "emancipates" to the south, with an overhang that projects it towards the valley.   Facing north, in fact, an open courtyard in the direction of the mountains allows you to admire the profile of the spires of the Dolomites, which at an altitude of 1200 meters continues the green inclined plane virtu... More