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Project • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsWorkshops

Weaving Studio

Located on a steep rocky waterfront parcel on the West Shore of San Juan Island in Washington, this small craft studio occupies a rocky shelf above and behind an existing main residence. The clients, a professional weaver and her husband, nearing a full-time move to San Juan, requested a studio space which would house all her weaving tools: looms, dying facilities, a sewing/assembly area, and an office.In addition to using the space for her craft, it would also act as a gallery for her work as well as a meeting space for her weaving guild meetings. In addition to the weaving studio requirements, the clients also requested an overflow bedroom for guests. The solution is a generous main studio space flowing with natural light that p... More
Archi Folds, architectural origami interventions 1
Production in the TexielLab, Tilburg, Netherlands designer: Samira Boon
Archi Folds installation at Theaters Tilburg, Tilburg, the Netherlands
Archi Folds installation at Theaters Tilburg, Tilburg, the Netherlands
Archi Folds structures can be used as space creators and screen dividers, dome structure XXL

Project • By Studio Samira BoonExhibition Centres

Archi Folds

ArchiFolds, winner of the Creative Heroes Awards, is an innovative series of textile structures inspired by traditional Japanese folding techniques: “Embedded origami patterns afford natural movement characteristics, growth and metamorphosis” explains Samira Boon. The textile structures are the result of extensive and ongoing research by Studio Samira Boon in collaboration with TextileLab and Prof. T. Tachi from the University of Tokyo.ArchiFolds embodies Samira Boon’s vision on healthy environments as spaces that: “are flexible and dynamic like natural systems. Adaptive textiles are able to accommodate and regulate changing needs on spatial circulation, efficient energy usage and acoustic ambience.” By transla... More