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NewsNews • 20 Sep 2021

Tomacado (Shanghai IFC) combines restaurant with flower shop in this heavenly and peaceful urban retreat

Led by Xu Liang, Liang Architecture Studio designed the  new Tomacado restaurant Shanghai’s International Finance Center (IFC) as a destination that combines catering services with a flower shop in a  heavenly and peaceful retreat form the noisy city. Sun Jun Liang Architecture Studio take the approach that space is formed by objects. As such, objects are the basis of functions, and also carriers of the circulation route. The architects explain further that  relationship between objects and vectors can visually bring a strong sense of rhythm to space, blurring interfaces and making spaces more playful. Sun Jun The designers integrated the natural form and beauty of flowers into the space through deconstructi... More

NewsNews • 29 Jul 2021

Le Cabanon by Studio Rick Joy sits in material harmony with its Turks and Caicos island surroundings

Located on the Turks and Caicos Islands, this three-bedroom family retreat by Studio Rick Joy is surrounded by rich native vegetation and the daily winds of Chalk Sound National Park. Perched on a site comprising 21,000 square feet of porous iron shore rock with views over white sand and bright turquoise water, the home is constructed with exposed cast-in-place white concrete walls and warm-coloured mahogany hardwood doors, windows, and ceilings.  Joe Fletcher Elevated on a platform that is on the same horizontal plane throughout, the program of the house is separated into two distinct volumes: an elongated bar to the west which houses private areas, and a standalone Pavilion which is open to the water and views.  Joe Fle... More

NewsNews • 25 Jan 2021

Ruralation Museum Hotel embraces themes of concrete, stone, water, and the history of the earth

Located in Tanghan Fangshan National Geological Park, Ruralation Museum Hotel by AZL Architects is conceived as an extension of a former quarry site. Themes of concrete, stone, water, the history of the earth, and the human history of Tangshan are also explored. Yao Li Tangshan Fangshan National Geological Park is a national geological park in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing and in the foothills of Zijin Mountain. The park is well known for an early 1990s discovery of the skull of the ‘Nanjing ape man,’ an artefact estimated to date back about 600,000 years. The Ruralalation Museum Hotel is located in the Tangshan Homo Erectus Relic Park and supports the park’s Museum. The quarry site is notable for having undergone a... More

Project • By dade-designShowrooms


Nadia Damaso has over 150,000 followers on Instagram. Her ideas and products are eagerly awaited and liked a hundred to a thousand times.The blogger, with a penchant for healthy eating, set up a new cooking studio in Zurich and wished for a snow-white concrete kitchen from dade design.Now she is working on new recipes for her third cookbook in this very kitchen. BRIGHT WHITE CONCRETEThe colour white is a trademark of Nadia Damaso – so it quickly became clear that she also wanted her concrete kitchen in bright white. This gives the material a certain lightness. In addition, the concrete furniture scores with beautiful details such as U-shaped cheeks, elegant design and versatile cooking appliances from Gaggenau. Nothing left to be des... More

Project • By Gaetan Le Penhuel & Associés, ArchitectesOffices

84 Housing Units in Lyon

Last block of phase 1 to be subdivided on the Lyon Confluence peninsula (France), the operation ensures the transition between the West edge of the ground, occupied by a gendarmerie barracks, and the recent constructions that surround it. The project makes the bet to achieve a hyphen by the vacuum, fading away, between Rhone and Saone rivers, towards the superb hillsides green and steep of Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon. The unexpected approach, conceived with Z Architecture, of the masterplan is to open the plot from East to West so as to offer cross-views towards the two rivers. To achieve this, the mixed program - 84 housing units, in accession and social, offices, shops, and parking - is located into two buildings aligned face to face on the... More

Project • By CPDA ArquitectosApartments


Located in one of the best-favored neighborhoods due to its excellent location and growing urban-architectural development, Juarez Neighborhood in the Mexico City.LIVUNO, is a project that from its conception raises the use of its three fronts to distribute all departments with sight, ventilation and natural lighting. The architectural language is oriented towards an honest handling of its materials, exposes in its structure, a sober texture of the concrete and in its walls a monochromatic color of the pieces of white concrete block.The building has 24 residential units divided into 3 types: Flat, Town Houses and Penthouses distributed in 5 levels. The Town Houses have a rear garden of stone and vegetation, with sliding windows f... More

Project • By AUM Pierre MinassianPrivate Houses

White Snake house

The White snake house is a particular souvenir for the architect Pierre Minassian and his architecture studio AUM based in Lyon, France – a peculiar challenge of an exceptional construction of a home sculpted from concrete and glass perched on top of a lake. The site in itself represents 40 hectares of lake and oak forest. The lake is oval shaped and located in the middle of the forest.The clients originally wanted to build their house in the middle of the forest, but the architect Pierre Minassian convinced them to build it on the lake. The house is composed of 2 slabs of white concrete. The level of the lower slab varies so that there are different levels in the house.The layout of the rooms depends on sun exposure and viewing a... More

Project • By I/O architectsPrivate Houses

White Concrete Old House

Prior to its reconstruction, this house from the 1920-ties was a romantic ruin surrounded by authentic and new-built fragments of ancient Augusta Traiana and rather isolated from the contemporary city, yet in its very center. The intervention continues the game of time offsets and brings the design to a contemporary interpretation of the avant-garde, at the time the house was built. A new volume of white concrete complements the structure and the program of the old house. The composition of the openings, the ambiguous elements of the addition and the materiality blend the two distinctive entities. The space of the new stair and its design bring light into the center of the entire composition. The new glossy white concrete slabs integrate... More

Product • By VIA GmbHVIA Cement Tiles

VIA Cement Tiles

Our cement tiles captivate through their beautiful visual and haptic appearance. The architects of the past centuries already knew: with their pattern diversity, the slightly iridescent colors and their pleasant silky feel cement tiles create a very special living atmosphere. More

Project • By KavakavaUniversities


New university built into destroyed old town area records both the absence of the Old Town and it’s rebuilding. Context Narva is a border city between Russia and Estonia. Prosperity of the city was in 17th century, when under the Swedish reign new baroque-style city center was developed. The Old Town was destroyed during WWII and after when it was demolished and replaced with modernist city. After the war local people were not allowed to return to the city, new habitants were brought in from Soviet Union. Site The college is built on the area of Narva’s no longer existent Old Town with the main façade opening towards the Town Hall Square. In front of the building is a square, marking the site of the former stock exchange building... More