84 Housing Units in Lyon
Sergio Grazia

Living in the Confluence peninsula

Gaetan Le Penhuel & Associés, Architectes as Design + Works, Architect representative of the team

Last block of phase 1 to be subdivided on the Lyon Confluence peninsula (France), the operation ensures the transition between the West edge of the ground, occupied by a gendarmerie barracks, and the recent constructions that surround it. The project makes the bet to achieve a hyphen by the vacuum, fading away, between Rhone and Saone rivers, towards the superb hillsides green and steep of Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon.

 The unexpected approach, conceived with Z Architecture, of the masterplan is to open the plot from East to West so as to offer cross-views towards the two rivers. To achieve this, the mixed program - 84 housing units, in accession and social, offices, shops, and parking - is located into two buildings aligned face to face on the boundaries, North and South of the parcel. Exploiting the maximum height allowed (R + 8), the buildings slightly offset and voluntarily very differentiated writings face over a large common central garden. From this economy of the footprint proceeds a permeability of the four sides. The heart of the plot in plain ground is in this way physically connected to the public space and the neighboring buildings.

 On the North-East edge, a third small volume with pixelated facades completes the whole. This glass and metal building is mainly for commercial use. It is completed in the South by a greenhouse workshop, place of exchange and collective activities for all residents. For example, they will be able to take gardening lessons and put them into practice either in the garden in community management or in the kitchen gardens on the roof of the North building.

Living in the Confluence area is to find oneself in a singular urban situation, between city and nature, between patrimonial heritage and modernity, a duality whose project benefits from proposing new forms of housing.

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Project Credits
Design + Works, Architect representative of the team
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