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Product • By Metalfire Architectural FireplacesUltime D Closed Fireplaces

Ultime Dynamic combustion Wood Closed Fireplaces with sliding door

MODERN TECHNIQUES IN A PURE FORM This generation of room air-independent wood-burning fireplaces with sliding door is equipped  with a dynamic combustion technology, which ensures an optimum combustion and a high  efficiency. The appliance operates... More

Product • By LeendersOris


The suspended design of the Oris creates a feeling of spaciousness. Almost weightless. But don’t be fooled. It is extremely robust, because we have designed the 3 constructional parts to link to each other. Our retailer will be pleased to explain the... More

Product • By LeendersMats


Mats is a fireplace that excels in simplicity. A particularly understated design with a very good combustion. A fireplace with lots of radiation heat, to enjoy for a long time.MATSA particularly understated design with a very good combustion. A firep... More

Product • By Metalfire Architectural FireplacesUniversal Wood Open Fireplaces

Universal Wood Open Fireplaces

THE ART OF MINIMALISM These traditional wood-burning open fireplaces are chosen because of the aesthetical impact in the room, the large  dimensions, the minimalistic construction of the components, and the possibility to have it fully made to measu... More