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Project • By nu.he StudioPavilions

Walk and talk 2020 Pavilion

”In the weaving of baskets and mats  There is a knowledge that lives and does not leave  As if the weaver were weaving himself  And not only weaving the mat and basket  But also his human union to the earth.”   Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen   The 2020 Walk and Talk Artist Festival Pavilion is a welcoming, public, open space; a temporary symbol for the city to emphasis the importance for artists, artisans and designer to work together along with the community to address the common social concerns. The designed pavilion seeks to create a strong connection with the neighborhood by conceptually extending the already utilized public plaza into the interior multi-functional areas. Those spaces... More

Project • By PORO ArquiteturaShops

Sorvete da Reserva Ice Cream Shop

Reserva Pedrinhas, from where all the necessary input used in the production of the ice-cream comes from, was the leading reference in the design of the ice-cream parlour. Through direct contact with the place, it was possible to transpose the most significant elements found there to the project conception. The needs program was solved in a simple way, through a sectorial division between the production and service areas. Igor Ribeiro A single piece of furniture, made entirely of wood, marks this division, branching out throughout the social area and configuring itself sometimes as a bench, sometimes as a shelf, structural support, frame and lining. This articulation generates a formal unity in the environment, emphasized by the use o... More

NewsNews • 27 Jun 2021

Matsunaga Kiln roadside gallery features a column-free double structure and feeling of floating lightness

A producer of traditional ceramic crafts, Matsunaga Kiln was previously located in Namie Town, Fukushima, Japan. Nine years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Namie Town is still designated as an ‘evacuation zone.’ The kiln company thus decided to relocate and engaged to-ripple Inc. to design this new roadside store in Nishigo Village. Kenji Masunaga Responding to the surrounding landscape and climate of the area, the new home for the manufacturer is a simple house shape with a gentle roof pitch that allows for snow to gently shed away. Two house-like forms are placed side-by-side and surrounded by a larger house form to create a double structure. Kenji Masunaga The entire house-shaped building is lifted 400mm to... More

Project • By OVERCODE architecture urbanismeCommunity Centres


The town hall of Granville wants to build a new youth center to fulfil the actual needs of the inhabitants. The chosen site is situated near the town’s sport centre and high school in order to concentrate all the public equipments for the young inhabitants, in the same place.   The youth center is open to people between 10 and 24 years old. It offers a various panel of activities after school and during the holidays. It is also a meeting spot, open to a wide range of associations which can organise their activities in this place. The city want this new youth center to offer generous multi-use spaces. The hall and reception are the first welcoming spaces for the youth. These spaces must allow different activities to go on at the... More

Project • By Concrete and the Woods (CATW)Private Houses


MABO is a project for the extension of a villa in Nyon, a few kilometers away from Geneva. It's been designed to host cosy dinners, paintings, plants and flowers. It works as a peninsula, an almost interdependent pavilion, connected to an existing house thought a narrow passage.  It's forms and de-formations are the result of reactions to the local regulations and to the site characteristics. The south facade is the bigger one and opens to a garden of which this volume occupies the Northern extremity. The North and the West facades adapt to the forms of the property. Hedges and plantations are all around.  The vegetation is mirrored and multiplied by the steel, by the glass and... by the mirrors on the facade. We wa... More

Project • By Koji Umeoka ArchitectsWellness Centres

Abiko Welfare Service Facility

This facility is a daycare service facility for people with mild mental illnesses. Residents spend their daytime here and come to this facility with the hope of returning to social life through various programs such as exercise and learning.   In planning the facility, we took into account the privacy of the residents and whether it would be possible to create a building that would allow them to feel the changes in the natural environment while indoors during their daily lives.   As the name of the site Kohoku-dai suggests, it is located in a corner of a residential area where quiet houses are built on terraces with a lake on the north. The road in front, which is at a downward slope, is lined with beautiful roadside trees, an... More

Project • By Michael Muraz PhotographyCommunity Centres

Gore Meadows Community Ice Rink & Events Pavilion

When ZAS Architects + Interiors reached out about photographing the ice rink at the Gore Meadows Community Centre, one of their main goals was to photograph it in winter with snow. I was immediately excited about the idea but I had no idea what was waiting for me...   A few weeks later, with a snowstorm announced on a Sunday, I scheduled the photoshoot for the following Monday, for which the forecast was sunny. When I arrived at the Community Centre just in time for sunrise, the conditions looked perfect: blue skies, a beautiful blanket of snow.... and a balmy temperature of -32C (-26F).    Photographing in very cold conditions is manageable with good equipment and by taking precautions, like not taking the camera directl... More

Project • By Atelier du PontOffices


The office building for Santé publique France, the French public healthcare agency, is located at the edge of the Bois de Vincennes, from which it draws its inspiration. It is entirely made of wood: structure, flooring, façades… The shape is like a bundle of sticks placed on the ground that branch out like open, protective arms. This design symbolizes the mission of this institution, which oversees the health of everyone who lives in France. The aim is to be exemplary in terms of its impact on the environment and the health.    The project has created a pleasant space that takes its users’ wellbeing fully into account. It uses natural and recyclable construction procedures and materials, free of all so... More

Project • By YYAA Yoshihiro Yamamoto Architects AtelierHousing

House on Sahoji-St.

This is renovation of a Japanese house built about 100 years ago along the old road in Nara City. A part of the building was remodeled into a sushi bar, and then became a vacant house. By restoring the traditional Machiya design such as louvers, eaves, cedar walls and Kawara roofs, this project was selected as a subsidy for Nara City. We renovated the interior to fit the contemporary living style. On the first floor there is a living and dining kitchen facing the garden, a large back yard and a compact sanitary. The second floor is a multipurpose room with a high ceiling. The sub part attached to them became entrance and steel staircase. More

Project • By [i]da ArquitectosRurals

Hotel Pé no Monte Phase II

The expansion proposal for Pé no Monte Rural Tourism consists on the construction of eight additional accommodation units, a swimming pool and a restaurant. The project seeks to articulate the new construction with the existing one and integrate them with the natural landscape.   Restaurant The restaurant area works as a hinge between the various spaces of the project, connecting the existing and the new, assuming itself as the centre of the whole complex. This central space is delimited by a white linear volume, a pool and a ramp. A large flat roof is built over this area, under which the restaurant is found. The coverage, a square of about 200m2, provides a versatile and obstacle free covered space. Its structure, buil... More

Project • By Crid ArhitectsHousing

Tall Wood Housing

Wood is a concept that mimics the natural growth behaviour of plants. The story of the structure begins where a tree is planted. When a tree becomes material for various structural purposes, the materials become a building and then the building decays with time and diminishes back into nature, creating an organism like lifecycle which exists without resisting and working along with major forces within earth’s natural ecosystem (more resilient architecture).Boom, acts as seed that spontaneously impregnates in nature. It sprouts to create symbiotic relationships between architectural culture and industry. When the system grows enough to create a cultural breakthrough, it starts to sprawl though the urba... More

Project • By Settanta7Exhibition Centres

Service Center for Agriculture

The new livestock market and service center were born from the strong relation with the local tradition and economy: they are a new urban space inside the historical center of Carmagnola. The project’s purpose is the regeneration of the foro boario, a 1400 sqm building in which, in the past, the livestock market was hosted and, nowadays, it is partially abandoned. The citizen demanded for its renovation, asking for the reorganization of the area through the creation of a community center.The new center is organized on a longitudinal axis in which the northern building acts as a telescope toward the fields, and in the southern area the building splits and opens itself to the historical centre of the city. The architecture deal with the local... More

Project • By Pollard ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Stansbury Park Elementary School

An elementary school for a new subdivision called Stansbury Park, called for a large program to be executed under a tight budget. The program called for a windowless school and impervious materials for the cold weather and winds which prevail in an area by Tooele, Utah, close to the Great Salt Lake. Kenneth Lambert and Kenneth Pollard created a wood structure with brick veneer. The entire corridor throughout had skylights to provide the students with sunlight and time of day passage. Exterior doors of the classrooms had glass for sunlight and views. The importance of scale and materials play an critical part in this project. This project was preformed under the firm Scott , Louie and Browning Architects. More

Project • By Mirck ArchitectureResidential Landscape

daylighthouse 2

The site of Daylighthouse 2 is next to the huge lake IJsselmeer. In between the lake and the house is a beautiful swamp for birds. Almere planned row houses on this location and the town house is the end of a row facing south west. Mirck Architecture translated the wishes of the client into a wooden cube of 9 by 9 by 9 meter. The facade, inner space and climate are influenced by sunlight and daylight. The particular structure of the cube is shown everywhere and continued in the plot wall and the shed.The ground floor living space is fully glazed to the south and west side. The sun protection is created by the cantilevered bedroom volume above. To the north, a split level opens the inner space, creating voids. In the voids special shiny roun... More

Project • By Gaetan Le Penhuel & Associés, ArchitectesPrimary Schools

Wooden school in Clichy

The construction of this new kindergarten in Clichy (France) is, beyond its functional aspect, a real urban issue. Our architectural response focuses on two themes that served as a guideline for the development of this project:1‐ Place on the ground floor the majority of common areas and all areas dedicated to the smallest.2‐ Offer this parcel the quality of a true island core, generous, shared and open, necessary to improve the living environment of users and all residents.From Rue Foucault, a vibrant and sober weaving of vertical lines mixed with large windows announces the new building. At the local level, we propose to articulate the volumes in agreement with the templates in presence, while preserving views and sunshine for the near ne... More