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Project • By Vizdome SpaceWorkshops

Studios and housing for artists «Up»

Creative process is a way of creating something new and unique. Achieving the pinnacle of his /her skills an artist constantly moves up and forward. The project slogans are «painting on the walls is allowed!», «be yourself (crossed out) better version of you», «you are unique individual!» The Big Idea is the idea of white box. Nobody knows what is inside. Maybe it’s a gift. Or a package. Or… It is a building-box. The box where ideas and products of intellectual labor are. The entrance to the box presents itself half-raised curtain. One can look inside and see the process of creation. The facade of the building is framed with bright perforated metal panels that look like curled sheets of pap... More

Project • By Fast Space DesignShops


E-Shochu is a company which envisions the deepening of Japan-Thai relations and interactions through the increased exposure of Japanese Liquor into the Thai market.  In keeping with that vision, this time the company is planning for a new retail outlet which aims not just to engage in liquor sales but also become the place for communicating the latest news in the industry as well as be the de-facto destination for Japanese liquor enthusiasts to gather.   We therefore proposed the creation of the Sake Forest (Japanese お酒の森) as a space to exhibit  the rich variety and style of liquor lineup comprising of Japanese Sake and Shochu, which are arranged metaphorically into a forest; liquor bottles standing proudly just like trees... More

Project • By GROUP AOffices

HQ Dow Benelux

GROUP A designed the exterior, interior and layout of the site of the new headquarters for Dow Benelux, the Terneuzen Diamond Center at the debouchment of the Westerscheldetunnel. Knowledge sharing and cooperation where the important spear points of the MVP. Dow therefore has set up an “Innovation & Meeting Centre” in the new office building, open to the public, in order to stimulate cooperation in the chemical sector.Since 1964 Dow Benelux has been located west of Terneuzen (Netherlands). The various functions are spread over the entire factory site. For the new headquarters Dow chose to place this outside the site.This new location is located at the outlet of the Westerscheldetunnel embedded in the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen polder... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceHousing

Baba Yaga`s Hut On Chicken Feet

Introduction   It’s difficult to find a place for comfortable life in contemporary cities. Global urbanization and decrease in the number of really affordable housing are the modern tendencies. Although the idea of constructing more low-rise buildings was recognized prospective and humane, developers often don’t follow these rules, and the cities continue to grow upwards and to press with their giant scale upon the citizens. Also the idea of coliving is developing. But it is not appropriate for everyone; the sad experience in the use of dormitories and communal apartments in the Soviet Union proves it completely. Coliving is more suitable for very young people under 25 years. There are also some problems with work space.... More

Project • By Cheng Tsung FENG Design StudioSculptures

Fish Trap House

Learn the methods for making a traditional fish trap from an elder of the indigenous Thao tribe  (bamboo trap for river fishing). Then, apply these techniques to the creation of an art installation (jointly constructed by more than 20 people). Pass on and share the beauty of ancient wisdom. This art work won't be used to catch fish, but rather people's attention. Why not take the time to enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake and Thao traditional culture.   Dimensions: 500x500x330cm Material: Bamboo, Rattan, Stainless steel More

Project • By Hello Wood LtdUniversities


The Argentinean edition of Hello Wood international summer festival for architecture has ended. The Budapest-based studio – which has attracted the attention of such legendary architects in the last few years as Urban Think-Tank from Zürich or Kengo Kuma from Japan – can proudly say that one of Europe’s leading architectural summer universities has become an export, along with their teaching methods. For 4 years now, the Argentinian partners, the MANDARINA design agency and TACADI architecture studio (Bea Palacio, Mercedes Palacio, Jerónimo Fanelli, Marcos Llerena) organize Hello Wood Argentina, following the Hungarian model. “We are proud to be able to spread our knowledge, experience and inspiration in... More

Project • By Hello Wood LtdUniversities


Unleashing the superpower of the architect   Hello Wood celebrated its 10th Summer School and Festival with ‘new tribe’ of international architects and 20 projects    The Hello Wood Summer School and Festival has expanded over the years to build up a lot of recognition internationally within the architecture community, with previous years having more than 1000 participants from across 70 countries and over 50 universities take part in Hello Wood’s educational event. By looking to the future and adopting an attitude of rebirth, a large part of the tenth anniversary of the festival was about criticism of the stereotypical role of the architect - one that is constrained by expectations and deadlines - while searching for the true superpower of... More

Project • By Workshop, Diseño y ConstrucciónPrivate Houses

Casa Picasso

Casa Picasso is a project that turns every square inch of available space into a functional one. Indoor-outdoor interactions serve as the foundation of the project’s design, and the use of regional materials and textures typically found in the Yucatan Peninsula provide a sense of identity.Located in Merida’s historic downtown district, this 145 square meter house is an oasis in the city. Designed as a vacation house, this two bedroom home offers its owners refuge from cold New York winters.Throughout the home light colors have been used to transform the small space into one that feels spacious and inviting. These light colors can even be found in the Polish white concrete floors, which keep the space feeling fresh. Vegetation and natural wo... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureUniversities

METU ArchLabs: PCLab

Roots: A Modern Inheritance to Foster InnovationAs a pioneering example of modernist architecture in Turkey, the Faculty of Architecture building holds an important place both in the tradition of the university and in the architectural history of the country. The building is designed by Altuğ and Behruz Çinici with their competition winning project in 1961. The design stands out with its courageous attitude to merge work space with social life in order to foster innovation.Re-Claiming VersatilityThe significance of the building led to a conceptualization of the architectural intervention as a "stripping-down-to-basics" operation, leaving the concrete structural elements as thetabula rasa. Starting from this naked state, the spaces are re-in... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureUniversities

METU ArchLabs: FabLab

As a pioneering example of modernist architecture in Turkey, the Faculty of Architecture building holds an important place both in the tradition of the Middle East Technical University and in the architectural history of the country. The building is designed by Altuğ and Behruz Çinici with their competition winning project in 1961. The design stands out with its courageous attitude to merge work space with social life in order to foster innovation.The basement workshop space, originally designed to house the furniture production functions for the campus, eventually lost its duty as the in-house production strategies were discontinued by the university, leaving heavy unused equipment and workshops behind. The space had then become zone with... More

Project • By Ateliereen ArchitectenBars

Lunchroom and workshop in Best

In the center of Best the direct surroundings of the mill have been considerably upgraded, initiated by Cello. Cello provides care and services for people with disabilities to living, working and leisure. At the site of the windmill in Best they developed a lunchroom and workshop -titled EEHT- for their cliënts. Ateliereen has supervised the building plans in Best. One part of the plan involved a very thorough renovation of the old mill house into a lunchroom. Three outer facades have been retained, the fourth façade has been given a clear and transparent entrance. The roof and the interior have been completely renewed. A spacious loft offers a nice view to the mill. The interior is a combination of old, used materials and sleek, ind... More

Project • By Plan Maestro / arquitectosPrivate Houses

House and Workshop for an Artist

The requirement was a building that would accommodate an artist’s studio and residential space for occasional use as a weekend house. The 1.500 sqm site is located in Peñalolén, a suburban district with low construction density, and neighbors some undeveloped sites. This condition leaves the building very exposed to its surroundings, so the client required that the project would limit the exposure of the interior spaces and provide privacy. The project also had to be capable of becoming an exclusively residential building at a future time, so it needed spaces to allow new uses and an extension to be planned.The privacy of interior spaces was addressed by limiting and directing the views to and from the exterior. This was accomplished by arr... More

Project • By M&S ArchitektenOffices

Prangl Headquarters, Premstätten

The existing sites were bursting at the seams. Graz and Vienna are built from scratch and geared towards the future. On the basis of an optimized logistic the new headquarters create identity to the outside well as to the inside.Recognisability is essential for the experience of identity. For us the task of the object is to emphasize the essential assets – the machines. The colouring of the building is inspired by this idea and stands back in silver grey, the Prangl yellow just shows in a fine trace. We provide the vehicles, cranes and work platforms with lots of space. The core of the site - the administration – is kept central but small. The pending head building is the visual highlight. The fixed sun protection lamellas give the façade... More

Project • By Workshop, Diseño y ConstrucciónResidential Landscape

Casa que canta

This project, located in the historic downtown of Merida, Yucatan, has been restored by Workshop architects. The original house had 4 rooms and the front yard. This spaces were transformed into the Foyer, Guest bedroom with a bathroom and the Living room. The wooden beams and the angled door frames were taken back to life with a pastel color scheme, natural wood furniture and discreet light fixtures. The art pieces complete the young and sophisticated atmosophere.The kitchen space opens to the main Patio. The colors and materials are used in a more contemporary way but with a continuity from the main house.A very lush garden with beautiful fruit trees give the freshness that Merida's hot weather needs. More

Project • By delacourt vanbeekWarehouses

Company House

Hidden behind the historic street of the Teteringsedijk situates the workshop and storage of Cellumica Kunststoffen. After the construction of a modern house in 1999 [d][b] was asked to produce a design of a new company building at this special location. Brick masonry has been used in image-determining angles, which relates to the existing dwelling. This masonry defines the enclosed garden. Thanks to the simple [cost-saving] detailing of the façade openings, the business premises functions as a special light object. More