Sheylly Daiber
Sheylly Daiber

Sheylly Daiber

Manager from 88696 Owingen, Germany
(L= Living; U= Unique; I= Interior; S= Stone)

We love to work with marble and granite.

These materials have been used as architectural status symbols for millennia.

Why should we change this approach today?

Our team of designers and engineers was commissioned to create a complete set of furnishings made of granite or marble.

It appears that we have made the impossible possible and designed all furnishings using these one-of-a-kind materials.

All furniture is made of granite or marble (kitchen fixtures, couches, sideboards, beds, cabinets, sinks, etc.).
Thanks to a system we have developed in-house, our customers have the option to combine each piece of furniture (each made of granite or marble) with semiprecious stones, metal, wood, glass, leather and fabric, etc., based on their own personal preferences.