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31/44 Architects

31/44 Architects

Architects from 30 Snowsfields, London, United Kingdom
31/44 Architects is an RIBA Chartered architecture and design practice established in London and Amsterdam by William Burges and James Jeffries in 2010. We have recently been joined by Stephen Davies in the London office and have a team of talented architects, architectural assistants and external consultants working alongside us.

Our team has diverse and considerable experience in projects of all sizes and work stages, from individual buildings to large scale urban masterplanning works.

Rather than limit our outlook to a particular style or type of building, we prefer to take an objective, open-minded view to each and every client brief. That said, the practice is always able to draw on its considerable expertise in the design of private one-off homes and large scale housing projects.

Our stance on design is that it should not only be creative and thoughtful, but also inclusive. Clients, be that developers or private individuals along with those constructing the building, are included in this iterative process.

We feel our success to date is a reflection of our focus. We achieve clear, logical and strategic design solutions in a manner that exceeds client requirements and expectations. Each brief is developed and tested to ensure the project responds to individual circumstance and context.

We should emphasise that the partners are closely involved in each and every project; unlike many larger practices where this is neither possible or practical. Clients of 31/44 Architects benefit from our collective knowledge and experience. As a practice, we are mindful of the pitfalls as well as the opportunities that exist in every project. At least one partner attends client meetings and steers the project together with another architect who takes on the role of project leader.

We deliver serious architectural solutions that are cost-effective and always endeavour to make the process enjoyable.