9010 by BELFIORE
9010 by BELFIORE

9010 by BELFIORE

Manufacturers from Via Contessa, 23, NOVE (VI), Italy
Following several decades of continuously improving experience in the lighting industry: BELFIORE created 9010novantadieci, which brings together its experience and dynamism. 9010novantadieci enters with impetus the market of down lighting, imposing itself for the innovative philosophy, a wide and complete product range, supported by several patents.
The 9010novantadieci collection reveals a constant investment in research and development of cutting-edge products: a careful selection of raw materials, high-end customized lighting solutions and patented recessing methods.

9010novantadieci is unique in the wide variety of integrated LEDs, applicable also to customized solutions, offering a wide selection to interior designers and architects in the study of emotionally and visually high impact designs.
9010novantadieci avails itself of an innovative Lighting Engineering Department at disposal of interior designers and architects: rendering and 3D projects, photometric calculations, glare tests, quotations according to customer’s layout. Thanks to a modern photogoniometer, the lighting department grants calculations, curves, efficiency evaluations, all elaborated by DIALUX software.

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