Architects from Sirtori, Province of Lecco, Italy
Founded in 2018 by Francesco and Paolo Manzoni, a25architetti is an architecture practice based in Lecco; we provide architecture, urban and interior design and communication services.

At the heart of every project we do lie our core values: providing architecture as a culture, studying the atmosphere of a place, its history, its environment and using carefully chosen materials.

Francesco Manzoni – 1987 – architecture, interior and urban design
- He graduated in Architecture from Milan Politecnico in 2012, writing a thesis on a project of landscape restoration in the Montevecchia park and the Curone valley; supervisor: Giacomo Borella - Studio Albori
- Es-archenricoscaramelliniarchitetto studiobased in Madesimo
- Freelance architect and designer from 2010 to 2017
- Milan PolitecnicoAssistant professor in the Interior Architecture course from 2012 to 2018
- Freelance architect since 2014
- In 2018 he founded a25architetti studio with his brother

Paolo Manzoni – 1982 – architecture, urban design and planning
- He graduated in Urban Planning from Milan Politecnico in 2007, writing a thesis on the urban planning and strategic programming of Sirtori(Lecco).
- He worked with various studios following urban plans and architecture projects from 2008 to 2018
- In 2008 he did a postgraduate course on information systems and territorial zoning plans
- Freelance urban planner since 2008
- In 2018 he founded a25architetti studio with his brother
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Sirtori, Province of Lecco, Italy