A6A - atelier 6 architecture
A6A - atelier 6 architecture

A6A - atelier 6 architecture

Antoine Ragonneau, Michel Hardoin and Roberto de Uña founded A6A in 2013. The studio develops an architectural style that combines unity and simplicity, a limited use of materials, and a constant quest for sobriety. This is reflected as much in the proposed volumes as in the environmental impact of the projects 

carried out.


If the same care is taken at any scale of project, two main areas of activity emerge from production: public equipment and collective, social and private housing.


In 2019 the agency was awarded the prize European 40 under 40 which rewards 40 agencies from under 40 years old. At the same time, our project H-EVA, an energy-independent and prefabricated housing module made entirely of wood, was awarded the Regional Architecture Prize in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


Each project is looking for an area of ​​social, structural and energy innovation.it must a reference, a tool for communicate our shared values with our client. 


The Architect, as we understand it, is synonymous with Project Manager.


Its mission must be complete. The back-and-forth between design and construction guarantees architectural quality. Building is a highlight, unique and irreversible. The follow-up of the works is unconditional to the success of a project, we assume it in its entirety to ensure consistency from start to finish.

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