Based in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Roskilde, Frederikssund, Oslo, and Stockholm, AART helps clients all over Scandinavia develop organisations and communities with architecture as a catalyst. AART does so with a team of 300 architects, constructing architects, urban planners, civil engineers, designers, and anthropologists. Redefining the notion of architecture is AART's raison d'etre. Nothing less. And yes, it is an ambitious mission, but an essential one since architecture in the eyes of AART is too significant to be reduced to simply aesthetics, as is often the case in both the public and professional debate. Architecture as something impactful is absent, and AART wants to change that. Their aim as an cross-disciplinary practice is to open people’s eyes to the importance of architecture in developing organisations and communities. That's what they mean when they talk about Redefining architecture™.

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