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The origins of ACV date back to 1922 when a group of engineers, passionate about the possibilities of building a business on new technologies in heating and ventilation, established ‘Ateliers de Construction d’Appareils de Chauffage et de Ventilation’ in Brussels. Seven years later, following a merger with ‘Fonderies et Emailleries Sainte Marguerite’ and under the leadership of Albert Buchet, ACV began on its course of continuous growth and astute investment in R&D. Steady progress was made in products that were reliable and highly respected in its home market during the middle of the twentieth century.

By the 1960’s and in response to the use of fuel oil for domestic heating, ACV refocused its strategy on the design and manufacture of superior quality boilers for heating, and domestic hot water tanks. By investing in innovation and adopting a no-compromise approach to product design, such as its commitment to the stainless steel Tank-in-Tank concept for hot water cylinders, ACV paved the way for
expansion into the highly competitive export market in the 1970’s. Still family owned and now represented in over 40 countries across three
continents, ACV is well positioned to serve demanding customers in the residential and commercial sectors with high-performance hot
water and heating systems.

Hot water is an essential element of modern life. Homes, hospitals, industry and commerce depend on an abundant and reliable supply of
hot water for hygiene, washing and warmth. With this ever increasing demand comes a responsibility to produce it as efficiently as possible
and with the highest respect for the environment. ACV originally made a name for itself as a specialist in highperformance hot water systems which deliver at the highest levels of efficiency and is now applying this expertise also to heating systems. With our focus on adaptable, multi-energy tanks, we are at the forefront of solar, heat pumps and other renewable energy solutions.
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