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AHL Media Facade
AHL Media Facade

AHL Media Facade

AHL Lighting, one of the most important manufacturers of media facade & media architecture in the world, also the sole official partner for Media Architecture Instituten (MAI) in China. We are committed to providing the whole solutions for the project, from mdeia design, LED production and Installation guidance, creative effect after Install. We only produce our owe patten led pixels which with more than 40 Patented invention. AHL projects can be found in all over China and the five continents in the world, Government Building, Stage shows, Landmarks, Staduim etc.Beijing Golden Tower, Telecom Malaysia, Singapore UOB Bank are all parts of our success.
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AHL Media Facade Shenzhen
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AHL Industrial Park, Hongtian Road, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China