Manufacturers from Milan, Italy
ALCANTARA was founded in 1972 and represents a prime example of Italian-produced quality.
The company’s head offices are in Milan, whilst its plant and research centre are in Nera Montoro, Umbria.
Alcantara® is a unique and innovative cover material, the fruit of a unique and proprietary technology, and the choice of leading companies in a wide array of application fields.
It offers an extraordinary combination of sensory, aesthetic and functional qualities, and an ethical and social awareness that characterises contemporary lifestyles: the lifestyles of those that want to fully enjoy the products they use on a daily basis in complete respect for the environment.
Alcantara® is a registered trademark of Alcantara.
Alcantara has attained “Carbon Neutral” certification: to achieve this, in just a single year the company reduced the carbon dioxide emissions deriving from the entire production process of the material by 49%, with the residues offset through the financing of international renewable energy projects.
As of 2009, Alcantara has also published its Corporate Sustainability Report, which documents the company’s activities in this area