ALN Atelien Architecture
ALN Atelien Architecture

ALN Atelien Architecture

Architects from 26, Avenue Marceau, Paris, France
The architecture is the result of interactions between a
historical context, standards and social values,
movements cultural that fit in a territory, constantly changing. It is neither an abstract object or an aesthetic object in itself can be placed here or there. It is a component essential of the landscape in which it is inserted. This is not a background but a critical element in the design architecture. Each project is an experience intense that the sketch in the development of smaller details, focuses our attention, our curiosity and enthusiasm. Through cooperation before and during the duration of the project ALN supports its employees in order to provide appropriate responses and sustainable customer. requirements NLA is a French-Italian architecture firm, specializing in architecture. The company founded in 2011 by Nicola and Luca Varesi Martinoli is now based in Paris and Milan, and has ten employees. NLA operates in the field of architecture, but also in the areas of power quality, the interior design, planning of outdoor spaces, both in building new and in rehabilitation. the know-how acquired in the areas of housing construction, sports equipment and academics as well as landscaping , is a guarantee of added value for future operations. Our expertise covers laboratory projects, administrative and technical center, centers cultural, housing, sports facilities. Thanks to the experience of its architects and its engineers, the NLA guarantee highest standard quality, on time and maintain the budgets in the conception, design and implementation of each project
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