Alric Galindez
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Alric Galindez

Alric Galindez

Architects from 2292 , Martinez, Argentina
Alric Galíndez begins as an office in 1995, and from the very beginning produces different kinds of works showing special emphasis in modern proposals.

“We understand our profession as an activity that needs to gather different aspects: architecture as a constant creative search, construction and economy as a media to achieve ideas, and basically the relation with the client as a must in the development of the project.”

We have special interest in works that have creative Designs and Proposals. Size and location of the project are not determining, thus coping the different stages of the speciality. The office has achieved more than 200 works, projects and programs, specially family houses. We have offices in Buenos Aires and San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, developing as a whole.

We put special attention to the relationship with the client, and the personal following up of the partners in each one of the projects and works, handling with special care the simultaneousness of the works. In this way, plenty of works with argentine and abroad clients have been performed.

The office has specific interest in professional training and growth of the team, thus taking part in national and international contests, and teaching at the Universidad de Buenos Aires confirms such interest.

The consolidation of the office is shown through prizes received in several opportunities, as well as the publications of the works. We can mention the First Prize at ”La Rural Conventions Centre International Contest”, (2006), First Prize in the “Sports Stadium at Caleta Olivia National Contest”, (2007), Bienal Prize CPAU SCA 2008 - Mention for Architecture Office, Bienal Prize CPAU SCA 2006 - Mention for Barolo Palace Building Renovation, Bienal Prize CPAU SCA 2006 – Distinction for Petroplastic Pipe Factory in Patagonia and the National Prize Built Heritage Award 2003 (SCA CICOP) – Special Mention for Barolo Palace Building Renovation.

The office has participated in several exhibitions, such as the Bienal International Architecture Exhibitions of Buenos Aires (2007 / 2009), Miami (2009), San Pablo (2007), and Venice, (2008), as part of the Argentine representation.

Professional Services

The Office offers the following services working together with specialists:

Preproject, Project, Construction Management.

Interior Design.

Landscape Design.

Real Estate Development Projects.