A young design practice that has been evolving since its inception in 2011, Apical Reform is a collaboration of creative passion. Apical Reform has a diverse portfolio that encompasses architectural design, interior design, products design, customisations and photography. Our knack for involving technology and innovation in our design through the people who relentlessly work to bring these designs to life, constitute our core strengths. A passionate team willing to push creative boundaries infusing atypical ideas with functionality, is hard to come by, and naturally have proved to be our biggest asset. This team is led by designer and Principal, Amrish Patel and Director, Darshan Soni, an architect from CEPT, Ahmedabad (India). Amrish’s visionary outlook and experience, complimented by Darshan's creative zeal drive the design team that comprises of CG Artist - Manoj Gundaniya, Photographer - Anil Patel, Product Designer - Luisa Jannuzzi, and Architect - Maharshi Bhattacharya. Together they form a collective of shared creative fervour and a pursuit of excellence in design. We believe that a good design is born from a thorough understanding of material, environment, and purpose amalgamated with sound aesthetic sensibilities. Continuous innovation of the process and honest inquiry into how it could be developed further, helps us evolve alongside that which we make.
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