Sergio Grazia


Architects from Montreuil, France
archi5 was founded in 2003 as the result of its founders’ commonstudio experience and the approach they share towardsarchitecture. A context-based approach to projects is key: thesite, the programme, the social and cultural challenges are allexamined, analysed, compared and transformed into questions.Projects offer a dynamic and comprehensive response to theseissues to the highest standard, which has come to be archi5’strademark. This approach is visible, legible in every building.

archi5 has a staff of 35 people working in Paris and Warsaw.Founding partners Jacques Sebbag, Bernard Guillien, LaurentBoudrillet, Thomas Dryjski and Anne Pezzoni gained experience inarchitecture in Paris-Belleville and in Henri Ciriani’s studio,him being a forerunner of the modern trend. This is where theyunderstood how the architectural approach prevails over formaldogma. They all have an urban vision and they pool their commonexperience in a major project.

The studio welcomes new talent as a way for mutual enrichment.

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