Architects from Den Haag, Netherlands
Archipelontwerpers is a Dutch architectural office located in the harbour of The Hague in the Netherlands. We design and research in the field of architecture, urban planning and interior design. Besides design activities, we perform research in the field of IFD, sustainability, mass customization and rooftop architecture.

Archipelontwerpers design philosophy is based on a response to the scarce available inner city space . Since it's formation Archipelontwerpers has held a continuous plea for a more intensified and sustainable use of our cities. In our view sustainable development means fulfilling today's needs while allowing for the possibilities of future generations. Sustainability in the everyday building practice, should consider material, energy and the potentiality to transformation. "Rooftop Architecture" can be seen as a specific consequence of a transformation strategy which can generate a new vitality within the city.

Archipelontwerpers realises that every design is situated in a historical context It is the reason for our optimistic and open view towards the future. The unpredictability of the future is, in itself, an important inspiration for the Architect. In our design and research we always take flexibility and adaptability into consideration. In the vision of Archipelontwerpers; the design of a house or a city is never an isolated task but the result of a continuous process.

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