Archisbang is a design firm dealing with architecture for innovation, education and culture. The main purposes of its work are creating unconventional spaces and care of details in approaching the existing buildings and their specific context. Archisbang aim to design lively architecture that become a reference for the surrounding: places of well-being, where doors are open and people can free their mind in working, learning and living. Attending many international competition, since 2016 the firm specialize in the design of innovative architectures for learning today. Archisbang is currently active in the design of educational building on the national territory, as well as managing projects in the residential, offices and mixed use sectors, developing the same themes of sustainability, flexibility and contamination between functions. AREAPROGETTI works in the fields of architectural, structural and plant design. The firm is involved in differentscale projects, including both public and private sector; especially the firm works on sites dedicated to culturelibraries and museums, education -school and university, workplace and production locations. With over thirty years of experience, the firm pursue the quality of the spaces keeping the search for high quality and personalized solutions: each project represents a stimulus to enrich knowledge, also through collaboration with experts, who integrate skills and strengthen dialogue with the final user. AREAPROGETTI has received recognitions and awards for innovative architecture, for the refurbishment of historic buildings, and for the environmental sustainability of projects, always characterized by the in-depth analysis and by the enhancement of the context in which they are inserted. The firms started up their collaboration just right winning the Scuola Pascoli Competition and they are now working together on many outstanding projects on both educational architecture and the enhancement of the cultural heritage.
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