architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
Lisa Logan
architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson

architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson

Architects from 26 Soho Street, Toronto, Canada
Since 1903, the predecessor firms of architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson have been integral to the development of public life and institutions in Ontario. Formerly architects Tillmann Ruth Mocellin, our new name reflects the next generation of leadership that is guiding us. We continue to be inspired by our clients in creating innovative design, providing superb delivery of services, and efficient management of teams and projects. architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson’s reputation for creating world class solutions is evidenced by repeat clients some of whom have worked with our firm for over 75 years. Behind each project is a group of over 40 professionals including architects, designers and planners in two locations; Toronto and London.

Within the practice of public architecture, design is an invitation to civic action and to participate in a meaningful way towards the determination of civic ideas. Like our clients, we have a deep sense of purpose to contribute to something larger than ourselves. Creating lasting value is why we design. This passion we share with our clients drives a collaborative effort to develop creative solutions for complex building challenges. By using sustainable design principles, proposing new possibilities and navigating though barriers, architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson help clients fully realize the form that will contribute to a great experience.

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