Indriķis Stūrmanis


Architects from Skarnu str. 4, Riga, Latvia
Architectural Practice ARHIS is founded on December 7, 1988. Start working on February 3, 1989.
The scope of its work comprises development of construction designs, including architecture, interior design as well as engineering projects. These works often are carried out in cooperation with engineering offices or independent engineers as subcontractors. Architectural Practice ARHIS manages the whole designing process in such cooperations as well as in cooperations with independent architects or architecture offices. ARHIS also performs the supervision of project construction phase.
There are 31 employees working at ARHIS at the moment - architects, architecture technicians, architecture students and managers. Majority of the specialists have graduated Riga Politechnical Institute or Riga Technical University, many of them are members of Latvian Union of Architects, with professional experience varying from 12 to 28 years in several big designing offices and municipal authorities.
In both design and construction work various local and foreign materials and building systems are used. The designs are carried out with the help of professional Computer Aided Design drawing and visualization.
There have been more than 700 designs created since the foundation of Architectural Practice ARHIS. They are new constructions, reconstructions, town planning solutions as well as sketch and preliminary designs.